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Monday, December 19, 2005

Scary News North of the Border: Islam Won..Liberal strategy a dangerous mix of religion and politics

Updated and corrected. Omar is in the clear. Canadian Coalition put out some bad word and sound like a bunch of wackos.

On December 22th, the Muslim Canadian Congress denounces anti-Muslim hysteria being whipped by Canadian Coalition for Democracies and issued this press release:

TORONTO - The Muslim Canadian Congress has asked the Peel Regional Police
and the Attorney General's office to investigate the role of the Canadian Coalition for Democracies in whipping up anti-Muslim hysteria after a contested Liberal Party nomination meeting in Mississauga.
Unfortunate remarks made by some members of the crowd have been attributed falsely to Omar Alghabra, a Muslim candidate in Mississauga Erindale and the issue has taken an unacceptable racist tone.
Atique Azad, a member of the MCC Board, said, "I attended the meeting and was there when Alghabra spoke. At no stage during this time did Omar Alghabra utter any words that he is being accused of saying. The attack on Omar Alghabra by the Canadian Coalition for Democracies is a thinly disguised attempt to portray Muslims as the evil bogeyman in Canadian politics."
Azad said that someone in the crowd did raise Islamic slogans and speak about the rise of Muslim power, but neither Omar Alghabra nor Canada's Muslims should not have to be held responsible for the stupidity and irresponsible remarks of an
individual. "Law enforcement agencies must intervene and put an end to this
attack on Canada's Muslim community," Azad added.
Tarek Fatah, a founding member of the MCC said that the sad developments in Mississauga Erindale are the direct result of political parties using ethnic and religious communities to win nomination battles. "Sooner or later this mixing of religion, race and politics would have exploded in our face. What has happened in Mississauga Erindale is the chickens coming home to roost," he added.
For too long Canada's political parties have manipulated mock ethno-religious conflicts in nomination meetings to generate membership funds and give the false sense of political participation of marginalised minority communities said Fatah.
"Across this country mainstream politicians have played one community against another in a classic orientalist style to win nomination battles. This encouragement of tribalism must end," said Fatah. The role of the so-called Canadian Coalition for
Democracies has been shameful and despicable, he added.
"We must be supporting political parties and candidates on the basis of their platforms and principles, not their race or religion. Unfortunately, in Mississauga Erindale Liberal Party nomination meeting, the politics of ethnicity, religion and
tribalism triumphed over policy and platform allowing Islamophobes to flex their
muscle," said Tarek Fatah.

For information on Canadian Coalition's retraction, please contact:

Alastair Gordon President Canadian Coalition for Democracies PO Box 72602 345 Bloor Street East Toronto, ON M4W 3J0 Canada



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Rosemary said...

__________l l_______

Merry ChristMass, and Happy New Year!

PS. I am starting to believe in the Darwinian theory of allowing the weak to crumble into non-existence. 'Nuf said.

Howler said...

A silly thing to say to be sure but nothing to worry about given the system of parliament we have in Canada.

One lonely MP isn't about to start some kind of islamist takeover of the Liberal party. They'll spank in him private and he'll tow the line. That's how it works.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Merry Christmas.

Conservative Insider said...

Here's what the Liberals have said about this:


Group with strong Conservative ties launches unfounded attack against moderate candidate

December 20, 2005

MISSISSAUGA – The Liberal Party of Canada called on the Canadian Coalition for Democracies to apologize for issuing a blatantly false, politically-motivated news release targeting Mississauga-Erindale candidate Omar Alghabra.

The release, issued yesterday, alleges Mr. Alghabra said in his victory speech on December 1, 2005: “This is a victory for Islam! Islam won! Islam Won! ... Islamic power is extending into Canadian politics.”

Mr. Alghabra said:

“I categorically deny making this statement, and anyone who says otherwise is lying. I challenge anyone to produce proof that I linked politics and religion.”

Reporters who were present for the speech, including reporters for Rogers Television, said they did not hear the statements in question. A videotape copy of the news story, with his acceptance speech, bears that out. The videotape is available for those interested in viewing it.

The organization who issued the release is the Canadian Coalition for Democracies. The executive director is Naresh Raghubeer, a former executive assistant of former Conservative MPP, and Mississauga-Streetsville Conservative candidate, Raminder Gill. The group’s board of directors include Michael Mostyn, the Conservative candidate in York Centre, and Georgeanne Burke, the Conservative Party’s regional organizer in Toronto. Ms. Burke can be contacted at 416-816-3412, and her email address is

“My reputation has been tarnished, and I am demanding an immediate apology from this organization and from all those who have published this falsehood,” said Mr. Alghabra.

One of those quoted in the group’s original release is Victor Fouad. Mr. Fouad has been talking about this false issue on internet blogs for two weeks, and he is quoted as saying that he’s tried to contact the Prime Minister for his reaction to this allegation. What isn’t quoted is his statement with respect to Muslim Canadians:

“Attached is a proven plan to invade the democracy in Canada and to convert it to somewhat NAZI attitude by the MUSLIMS. Please do something before Mr. Martin sells it all to them. Sincerely, Victor Fouad.”

Mr. Alghabra is a well-known voice of moderation in the Canadian Muslim community. The former president of the Canadian Arab Federation, Mr. Alghabra is also a former member of the Toronto Star’s community editorial board and a board member for the Canadian International Peace Project, a multi-faith effort to promote peace and understanding in the Middle East. Board members of that group include the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, Phil Fontaine, and Ontario Progressive Conservative leader John Tory.

“This release does not withstand the most basic test of scrutiny, and legitimate news organizations have rejected this story quickly,” said Mr. Alghabra, “but the damage has been done on the internet and in blogs. I am seeking an immediate retraction to ensure smear campaigns such as this do not become the norm in Canadian politics.”


The_Bos'un said...

Conservative Insider, Thanks for the information from north of the border. I was able to locate the rebuttal in the Mississauga News and ran a fair and balanced reprint. How about the US Immigration confrontation from the 3/19/2004, Canadian Business article, Climate of Fear,

Has there been any information about that released? It took a lot of digging to find that nic in his armour. Please keep me abreast with any developing information on this whole thing and other noteworthy items from Canada. R/ Bosun