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Monday, December 12, 2005

Bill O'Reilly reveals: Shout Down President Bush Movement by radial extremists

On Bill O'Reilly last night, he presented a short segment about a communist party movement to Shout Down President Bush at the State of the Union Address in January. Bill tied the movement to Cindy Sheehan, Jane Fonda, Ward Churchill and several other prominent anti-war and anti-establishment activists and movie actors/actresses. Bill implied the connection, not this reporter. Google and MSN searches have not turned up celebrity connections nor has any other news reports. Celebrity connections cannot be verified as indicated on O'Reilly's show.

However, last month this "Blogging" reporter attended a Ward Churchill lecture entitled "On the Justice of Roosting Chickens:" Arts Lecture at Shoreline Community College and observed the crowd attracted to Churchill's lecture. Outside the gymnasium was a lone vendor hawking a newspaper Revolution, Voice of the revolutionary communist party, (formerly known as the Revolutionary Worker.) The newspaper hawker was outside the event and did not appear to sell any papers inside the gymnasium. Inside were curiosity seekers and several individuals there from a by-gone era. Those by-gone individuals announced, through their choice of tee shirts or buttons, President Bush was a terrorist and they promoted other anti-government agendas. (In the parking lot were several "Impeach Bush" bumper stickers and other anti-establishment bumper stickered cars.)

At the lecture, a folk guitarist played several Bush Bashing and anti-war renditions before introducing Ward Churchill. Then Churchill stepped to the stage and gave his canned lecture (which can be obtained on the internet: "Some People Push Back" On the Justice of Roosting Chickens.) The night was reminiscent of a counterculture, anti-war, anti-establishment lecture right out of the 1960s with some of the by-gone era "has beens" in attendance along with us curiosity seekers.

When you read Churchill's lecture you will undoubtedly notice a socialist undercurrent to his writings.

After briefly being acquainted with Revolution, Voice of the revolutionary communist party newspaper at last months lecture, this reporter visited the newspaper's website and quickly located an article by Debra Sweet, National Coordinator, World Can't Wait, Revolution #026, December 12, 2005, which confirmed some of what Bill O'Reilly had reported tonight. Here is an excerpt from Sweet's article:

The national organizers conference of The World Can't Wait--Drive Out the Bush Regime movement took place in New York City on Nov. 19-20. Debra Sweet, national coordinator of World Can't Wait, gave an important opening speech at
the conference.

In the first half of the speech, which appeared in the previous issue of Revolution, Sweet discussed the foundation of this movement, the Call to drive out the Bush regime (see page 12). And she said of the nationwide protests on Nov. 2: "We had thousands of people out in 200-some locations, and the low thousands in several large cities. This IS a beginning step, but it is not yet nearly what we need to drive out the regime, where millions are in the streets taking responsibility, led by tens of thousands of organizers... We learned much more deeply on November 2 how it IS realistic to move thousands and thousands of people around this demand, and on the foundation of our Call. Now we have to take what we learned, and what we accomplished, and get this thing into a whole other place.

The following is an excerpt from the second part of Debra Sweet's speech. (The text of the entire speech is available online at

Therefore, the Steering Committee proposes a more ambitious and audacious plan for the State of the Union, in two phases:

1) On the night of the State of the Union message, in real time across the country, everyone mobilizes in their own area to Drown Out Bush's Lies. At rallies called one hour before the speech (starting at 8 pm EST, 5 pm PST, and so on) we will proclaim our determination to Drive out the Bush Regime. The whole diversity of our movement, from high school students who have spent the dmobilizinging, to local
government officials who bring resolutions calling for Bush to Step Down, to prominent artists and activists, unions, professional associations, student governments will represent. As Bush begins to speak, literally, we will BRING THE NOISE in a cacophony of sound that drowns out his speech. From drum circles to violins, cat-calls to air horns to banging pots and pans--the whole variety of musical expression from hip hop to classical will make a noise.

Big media outlets like Fox News might make good gathering spots for public DROWN OUTS. (Note from Bos'un: Fox News Be warned. Get out the word on this.)

Sweet when on to say, "People in nursing homes and hospitals, or at work on late shifts, could participate where they are. The students, especially the high schools, can help by not even going to school that day, but by criss crossing the cities and towns in car caravans and flat bed trucks, and marches.

This part of the plan utilizes the strength we have in the youth and the fact that people want to demonstrate wherever they are that they demand BUSH STEP DOWN, and Take your whole program with you!

2) Then, the very next Saturday, we will get everyone possible to Washington, DC by bus, car, train or plane to protest at the seat of government. There will be prominent voices of conscience to help deliver the people's verdict on the State of the Union. And that verdict will ring through the streets of DC, and echo through the world: STEP DOWN STEP DOWN, BUSH MUST GO! DRIVE OUT THE BUSH REGIME!

Another website linked in the newspaper is: " World Cannot Wait Drive Out the Bush Regime." That website appears to have the same communist / socialist agenda and also has a list of claimed endorsers. You will have to go to the site and see for yourself interesting names of those who appear on the list. There is also a caveat:
Contact your local chapter to purchase your plane or bus ticket now. (WOW, these folks have their own travel arrangement organization.)
What was absent from the sites was verifiable evidence of the celebrity involvement cited by Bill O'Reilly in his segment. Bill O'Reilly deserves a "Bravo Zulu" for alerting us to these communists acting up and having organized plans to disrupt President Bush's State of the Union. Bill, if it is true about celebrity involvement, you have provided valuable intelligence about the enemy who is trying to destroy us from within. Please forward it to law enforcement and Secret Service. It appears that communist party organizers are in the thick of it.

We should stay tune to more developments...

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The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

The world cannot wait was the one that had organized that last anti-war demonstration nationwide. I happened upon the one in LA by accident and blogged some photos I took.

I can't believe we have to put up with this sort of subversive crap in the name of free speech. It kind of goes beyond free speech, in my opinion. It is dangerous. Al-Qaeda must love these nutjobs.

The_Bos'un said...

Yes, Wordsmith we are living in very troubled times. I am going to research this more, as, I smell a strong story that needs national attention. Please email me off line and we'll see what we can come up with. I would like to know your firsthand account, what you saw, etc. Thanks of the comment. Hope others will get involved. I am anxious to see Bill O'Reilly follow up on this newsworthy item.

And the mainstream press remains silent and oblivous to the enemy that is distroying us from within.

Rosemary said...

Left a comment over at Knickerbocker News. :)

GI Korea said...

I have plenty of experience dealing with these communists. In 2000 when I was at Ft. Benning, GA a collection of subversive groups including the communists protested Ft. Benning's School of the Americas. Every stereotype you can think of to describe these people was true. Looked like they hadn't showered in quite awhile, were openly smoking marijuana, and definitely needed a new wardrobe.

5,000 of these protesters stormed the front gate and poured red paint on the soldiers guarding the gate and carried coffins into the base and other protesters ran around base planting sun flowers. It was enraging to see these people attack these young soldiers doing their duty manning the front gate.

Guess who led these protesters on their assault. Martin Sheen. I have never watched the West Wing since that day.

When I came back from my first tour on the Korean DMZ, I flew into SEATAC airport and members of the American Worker's Party (AKA communists) were handing out fliers and I had a discussion with them about what I saw right across the DMZ in North Korea and that they should go there if they don't like capitalism. They of course called me baby killer and the other usual soldier slurs.

Before I went to Iraq the communists showed up in Colorado Springs to protest but the local police quickly arrested them and threw them in jail for blocking streets and protesting without a license. The CSPD has no patience for these subversive groups and the communists never came back.

That is what the rest of America needs to do, have little patience for these people when they break the law and throw them in jail.

The_Bos'un said...

GI Korea,

I left a message in the other post comments, but here it is again,
"Thank you for your service! We do have a problem with socialist and communist agenda in the United States. I believe that some are enticed into the demonstrators movement quite innocently. And, then as a frog in boiling water, it overwhelms them.

I am not sure what motivates the communists in South Korea. When they see how badly it has affected thier North Korean brothers and sisters, one would think that they would understand. All countries are at risk of being destroyed from within."

I would like you to write about your experiences with the demonstrations yourself and submit it to me for a post. I will print it as you wrote it first hand.

I am a veteran, 30 years of active service and care passionately about our country, United States of America. I am concerned about some of what I see, the sutle eroding of American pride, secularism of our Judeo-Christian culture, and the outright treachery of some of our elected officials.

Hopefully we can get a "round turn" on the problems that we have and keep ahead of the war on terror.

God Bless and thank you for your service.