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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Historical Election in Iraq 12/15/2005

April 9, 2003 is the day the Iraqis celebrate freedom from Saddam Hussein. It was by May 30, 2004 that an interim government was founded. They were tasked with setting up the first interim 'constitution' or guidelines.

In the meanwhile, many cities and towns started to set up their own governments with help from the Coalition Partners. Much of Iraq was at peace. Fifteen of the eighteen provinces were mostly unharmed except for a rare assault.

The first elections the Iraqis had were held on January 30, 2005. They were charged with the task of setting things in motion to write the Iraq Constitution. For the most part, the Sunnis boycotted this election for fear, hatred, anger, or disillusionment, however, they were invited to become a part of the team tasked to write the Constitution.

There was a Constitution written and voted on October 15, 2005. Today there is another election to elect the Parliament for the next 4 years who will be charged with the task of completing the Constitution to the liking of the Iraqi peoples and create a secure, free, autonomous Iraq.

Imagine this! It took the USA two Continental Congresses, a Revolution War against England, thirteen years to write and ratify our Constitution, a civil war, and a Civil Rights Movement to get to where we are today. This is amazing, and we are privileged to witness it happen. History unfolding before our very eyes in what appears to be swifter than a lightning strike.

There will be eight provinces reporting to Pajamas Media all throughout the day. Please check in constantly. Omar and Mohammed have already voted, and they are very excited. They have given the impression that many of the people are as excited.

The first time they voted, the importance of voting was to vote. These people braved threats of violent death to cast their votes in defiance. This time, they are speaking more in terms of what is best for Iraq.

These are amazing people, and they are fighting and dying and struggling and hoping for their future. Do not pull the rug out from under them. God bless their courage, their country, and them.


Crazy Politico said...

You summed it up quite well Boats. From the reports all went well. Now we have to wait and see who won, and how long it takes to form a stable government, since it will require a coalition of parties.

The_Bos'un said...

At any rate the Democrats lost another election and the MSM pundits are probably pissed off that the election went as well as it did.

It is a matter of time before some leftwing organization or some of our radical left start whispering and then yakking "Election Fraud." If that happens remember you heard it first from The Bosun. We'll have to seen how Levin and the rest weigh in on this great day for the Iraqis.