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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bill Bennett: Purple Fingers for Iraq, Thursday, Dec. 1, 2005 4:19 p.m. EST

Bill Bennett has asked Americans for a colorful favor that will help show support for democracy throughout the world.

"On Dec. 12, when elections begin in Iraq,” Bennett told Neil Cavuto in a Fox News Channel interview, "let’s see many Americans color their right index finger purple in solidarity for the people voting in free elections in Iraq.”

Bennett, who supports the war against terrorism and the continued liberation of Iraq, said President Bush is wise to "stay the course” in the face of negative attacks by Democrats and jelly-legged critics who are calling for the U.S. to pull troops from Iraq. "Many people in America are more distressed about it (the war in Iraq) than the people who are living through the crisis,” Bennett said. "Staying the course is a prudent policy and one that will ensure that the 2000 or so soldiers we have lost will not have died in vain.”

Bennett said the war on terrorism – not just in Iraq – is "succeeding on every front,” but it goes against "conventional wisdom” of media companies to report that truth.

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The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Thanks for posting about this, and letting me know on my blog.

Do go over to One Soldier's Perspective and check out his inspiring video.

The_Bos'un said...

Your welcome. Purple fingers for the people of Iraq!