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Friday, December 16, 2005

Joe Biden goes to Iraq

Hat tip to: Michelle Malkin

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Here is the accompanying clip from Reuters via Yahoo News:
U.S. Senator Joseph Biden shows his ink-stained finger in a polling centre during Iraq's parliamentary elections in al-Hillah, Babil province December 15, 2005

While Biden's pessimism is nothing new, he seems to ignore the facts, when it comes to his speeches and public affairs news releases. Freedom has been on the march in Iraq and Biden has continued his flawed rhetoric. It is odd that this was not featured in the MSM. Perhaps good old Joe used it as a photo op for a later date when the publics' memory has faded.

Let’s see in the GOP archives say about our Hippocratic Senator from Delaware has said about Iraq :

Sen. Biden’s Pessimistic Predictions On The Iraqi Elections:
Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE): “The Elections Are Going To Be Much Messier. We Are Left With A Bad Choice In Holding Elections And A Worse Choice Of Not Holding It.” (CNN’s “Late Edition,” 1/9/05)

Biden: “And I Think There’s Going To Be The Whole Question Of Whether Or Not The Sunnis Participate, Whether There’s Any Legitimacy In The Process If They Don’t, Et Cetera.” (CNN’s “Late Edition,” 1/9/05)

Biden Said Of The Iraqi Elections: “It’s Going To Be Ugly.” (PBS’ “Charlie Rose Show,” 1/5/05)

Biden: “[Election] Success Is Still Possibility. But It Is Receding Rapidly. It’s Being Made Much More Difficult.” (ABC’s “This Week,” 12/5/04)

“[D]emocrat Joe Biden Of Delaware, Said Postponing The Election Without A Guarantee Of Sunni Participation Later On Would Just Add More Trouble To Iraq’s Already Difficult Road.” (NPR’s “All Things Considered,” 12/2/04)

“Biden Believes Iraqi Elections Scheduled For January Should Be Delayed To Stabilize The Country And Gain Wider Support For The Vote From Sunnis. The Situation Is Still Salvageable, He Said.” (Sean O’Sullivan, “Biden Has New Hope For Peace In Mideast,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 12/2/04)

“Sunnis Must Still Be Involved Politically, Democratic Senator Joe Biden Said. ‘They’re Going To Have To See More Sunnis Brought Into The Constitution Writing If There’s Going To Be Any Legitimacy At The End Of The Day, And I Think We’ll See That.’” (Michael McDonough, “British And U.S. Officials Congratulate Iraqi Victors; Turkey Complains Results Skewed,” The Associated Press, 2/13/05)

Sen. Biden’s Pessimistic Predictions On The Transfer Of Sovereignty:

Sen. Biden Said Iraq Would Need A Referee After Ambassador Bremer Left Iraq. “[W]ho's going to be the referee when Bremer leaves?” (CBS’ “The Early Show,” 4/7/04)

Sen. Biden Said There Would Be “Absolute Chaos” From The Time Ambassador Bremer Departed Till The Iraqi Elections. “Does anyone think there's not going to be absolute chaos from June 30th until January 1st or 31st when we have general elections?” (CBS’ “The Early Show,” 4/7/04)

As you can see our democratic Senator from Delaware either is a BS artist or does not have a clue what he is talking about, or, perhaps both?

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The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I think I linked in my latest post, a video of Senator Biden being interviewed. He's acting his same self, yet gets criticized at CrooksandLiars where I got the video, simply because he held up a purple finger. The writer took that as "kissing up" to the Bush Administration!

The_Bos'un said...

Wordsmith, I would not necessarily critize him for "kissing up" to our President as crooksandliars seems to believe. Joe does not give a hoot what President Bush thinks of him, as does the other social democrats.

The Democratic Party is emotionally and spirtually bankrupt. They hate our President beyond belief. Joe has badmouthed both the President and the War so often, one cannot even keep track.

Joe went to Iraq and got his photo op for a future time when the Democrats will attemp to take credit for the successes of Iraq. I found it amusing that the MSM did not put the word out. (even Maria Cantwell (Washington state) went too. A whole bunch of them did. Gee, I thought that they would comment that the election was not legit because 30% of the Iraqis did not vote.

Each one of these social misfits will say outlandish things. When someone throws down the BS flac, they get indigent and cry "out of context." My point with these op-eds is to shine a spotlight on these social misfits and their inconsistencies.

I am tracking down a comment Kerry allegedly said today about if they get control of the house, they will bring >>>>>>>> charges against >>>>>>>>. Wordsmith these social misfits do not give a hoot about President Bush and hate him beyond belief. It is as if they hate President Bush more than the enemy. Now, that is dangerous.

Crazy Politico said...

Joe is just following Nancy Pelosi's lead. No plan is a good plan, so therefore taking both sides must be a good thing :)

The_Bos'un said...


Great call. Leopords sure do not change spots, do they. They all are trying to put in place some "stuff" to take credit no matter what happens. Politicians and used car salesmen are almost the same, except, used car salesmen really do have some morals, values, and ethics. They just are after a buck or two.