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Friday, December 09, 2005

Britain to fight drugs

This is a continuous human interest story written by our guest writer, Afghan Warrior. He is interested in sharing with and helping others to understand the Afghani people. Enjoy!


According to the BBC news, the British government will deploy several thousand soldiers and civilian advisers in order to fight the illegal drug, trading, and smuggling in Afghanistan. In my opinion, it is a great step to eradicate the drug trade and traffickers. I am sure the British forces deployment will be very useful. [continue reading].


Crazy Politico said...

The best way to combat it is going to be finding an alternate crop that will make these folks some money.

Rosemary said...

I agree. I was thinking about having a seeds-for-prosperity project, but I found it almost impossible to do. I sure do wish they would take some of that money, and give some of it to these people to hold them over until they get a good crop of vegetables or cotton or whatever going. Makes sense to me.

Ah, but that is difference between the State Dept. and me! ;)