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Friday, July 14, 2006

ACLU Doesn’t Want English Signs

News 'ACLU Doesn’t Want English Signs' - The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has asked officials in a Detroit suburb to reject a proposal that would require businesses with foreign language signs to add English translations.

After spending several years overseas in foreign countries, it is common to see signs in several language translations. When one rides the national railway trains in Japan, it is conveniently in English and Japanese. In Europe it was common to see translations. In Hong Kong and Singapore where East met West, it was also common. What part of communications does not the ACLU appear to understand. Read on the ACLU rationalization:
"We write to strongly urge you to abandon the measure as unconstitutional, anti-immigrant and unnecessary," the ACLU wrote to the city Thursday in a letter that was also signed by officials with the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee of Michigan and Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development Inc.

In May, Sterling Heights, Mich., Councilwoman Barbara Ziarko asked the city's attorney to prepare an ordinance requiring businesses with foreign language signs to have identifiers such as "bakery" included, the Detroit News reports.

Fire Chief John Childs supported the move, arguing that people passing by the site of a fire or other emergency could inform dispatchers about the location more easily if they could read the signs.

He maintained that the issue has nothing to do with race.

"This is about response time," he said.

The city issued a statement Thursday defending the proposed ordinance.

"Any assertion that the city's public safety effort is intended as a restriction on the expression of cultural diversity is categorically denied," the statement said.

According to the News, Michael J. Steinberg of the ACLU said the proposal is unconstitutional "because it singles out businesses with signs.”
I am not sure where the ACLU is coming from or what their problem is. America was a cultural melting pot until left wing "wacko -ism" crept into our country.

On the Sterling Heights City Website: Their response to the ACLU: City responds to ACLU Correspondence
STERLING HEIGHTS -- On July 13, 2006, the City of Sterling Heights received a letter from the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan (ACLU) expressing its viewpoint relating to English language requirements for business signs.

The City of Sterling Heights is currently in the process of updating its entire Fire Code. This process may include a revision that would require all businesses to post a premises identification sign in order to facilitate the ability of first responders to locate an emergency call. At this time, the Administration has made no recommendation to the City Council, as it continues to review and weigh the public safety concerns that have led other communities throughout the country to adopt similar requirements.

It is premature to discuss this public safety issue at this time, prior to affording the Sterling Heights City Council an opportunity to review a draft of any proposed revisions to the Fire Code. The City of Sterling Heights has long valued and fostered the cultural diversity of its residents and businesses, as evidenced by the fact that more than 30 different languages are spoken within the community. This community was also one of the first municipalities in the state to establish an Ethnic Community Committee, comprised of City residents, to serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council.

Any assertion that the City's public safety effort is intended as a restriction on the expression of cultural diversity is categorically denied.
So, Americans have to defend their assertion to foster communications among the population of our country? The erosion of the rule of law as set forth by the ACLU is unacceptable. I would lean on the courts to not be part of the problem by pushing separatism. Language borders and culture need to be taken seriously. MEChA and other immigration action organizations promote a separatist agenda. ACLU appears to be promoting it too. Political correctness plays right into the problem. Culturally, we have to take seriously assimilation. We should have cultural expectations and encourage the melting pot that we used to be before left wing "wacko -ism" crept in to rule the day. Just what country are we living in, anyway?

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