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Sunday, July 30, 2006

'Best of the Blogs' and Matt, John, Gregg, and Kevin

Tonight is going to hot, and I am not talking about the weather! Kevin and Gregg of Pundit Review Radio have a line up to die for. In the first hour, they are going to have their "Best of the Blogs" interviews and calls. In the second hour, they are having TBD. I would think that would mean To Be Announced, but I just can't get past that D! lol. If anyone knows that means, please inform me.

In third hour, my favorite, Matt will be on with his "Someone You Should Know." He always brings us a patriot that brings me to tears. Tears of pride, and tears of shame. Shame that I am not doing my best that I know I can do for our Soldiers.

After Matt, we will be hearing from John Noonan who has been our eyes and ears over in the ME. He is an active duty Air Force man, so his insights are useful. You don't have to agree with them, but he closer to the ground than Murtha is!

He also is co-founder and author of the Military blog Op-For. They wrote an excellent Boston Globe article on milblogs, and he has been published by the National Review.

Here is schedule and the streamline:
Pundit Review Radio
Sunday 7-10pm est
Streaming Live on WRKO.

7pm EST: Week in Review;
Best of the blogs
8pm: TBD9pm: Blackfive’s Someone You Should Know and John Noonan from the Milblog: Op-For

What is Pundit Review Radio?

Pundit Review Radio is where the old media meets the new. Each week Kevin and Gregg give voice to the work of the most influential leaders in the new media/citizen journalist revolution. Called “Groundbreaking” by Talkers Magazine, this unique show brings the best of the blogs to your radio every Sunday evening from 7-10 pm EST on AM680 WRKO, Boston’s Talk Station.

PS. I did want to bragg, so I am going to. Has anyone noticed, beside me, that they have been promoted from one hour to two hour hours to three hours?! Great job, guys! Don't forget to buy your book, written by Gregg Jackson, while they're still on the shelf. :)

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