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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Press: Get those cameras rolling!

On July 9, 1999, there was a demonstration in Iran. A very bloody crackdown ensued. I know at least one student was murdered, but there may have been more. [Correction: 17 students were murdered, hundreds were injured, and about thousands were jailed.]

Each year since then, the students of Iran have tried to gather in a quiet protest. Each year the Iranian Guard gets very brutal. This year is no different, except that it is worse.
    Iran’s State Security Forces (SSF) are setting up several hundred police checkpoints across Tehran, a website run by officials in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) reported.

    Greater Tehran’s chief of police Morteza Talai announced 373 police stations were being set up in all of Tehran’s various districts, the website Baztab reported on Tuesday.

    Talai said that the project was in line with the SSF’s five-point plan to increase “social discipline."
Please pray with me that the students that do protest will have the protection of God. Then, I pray they have the protection of having their own guns. I am so tired of these young children getting hurt, because all they want is freedom. To be free of the government that has it's foot on their necks, is that too much to ask? If you agree with me, then pray. Write. Talk. Call. Thank you.

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