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Thursday, July 06, 2006

If Hamas wants to govern, it must halt the terrorism

This morning I located a well written op-ed from USA Today via Yahoo titled 'If Hamas wants to govern, it must halt the terrorism.'
Remember that fundamental of middle school civics? When people get elected, it's their responsibility to govern. That idea has yet to catch on among Hamas leaders chosen in January elections to control the Palestinian parliament.
This op-ed is worth a read. Hamas, if you want to become a legitamate government you should halt terrorism. Of course, for the appeasers, apologists, and enablers who would like to feel guilty for the plight of the Palestinians or would like to blame Israel for terrorism, USA Today does offer an opposing view, Don't blame Hamas.

If you would like to read a well written op-ed and catch up on opposing points of view, please visit Yahoo >>>>>>>> 'If Hamas wants to govern, it must halt the terrorism.'

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1 comment:

Rosemary said...

"A good op-ed" and "yahoo" in the same sentence? Are we talking about the same Yahoo that practices cencorship in China and Iran? HA!

What I try to do is take key words, like "hamas" or "terrorism" or "govern" and then put them in a search engine. (I know google practices the same thing, but they can get me to an article that does not.) *_*