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Monday, August 21, 2006

BBC stages pics; German bombers get few pics

So, you thought al-Reuters was the only corrupted news organization? LGF has the goods on BBC.

After I went searching for the story about the BBC inadvertly staging pictures in Lebanon because Hizbollah didn't want their positions known to Israel, I came upon a story I wrote a little about earlier, also thanks to LGF.

Apparently, Germany has now captured 2 of the suspects who planted bombs in the train station. The only reason they did not blow up is because they were poorly designed.

(IMHO. Come on, these guys are engineers? lol. I'm making fun of the terrorists. That's right.)

They have determined that this was indeed a terrorist plot. In Germany. I recommend you visit David's site. He is from Germany. He is also very articulate. RayD also writes with David, and they make a great team.

If you want any news about Europe, this is the site to go visit. Have a great day.

OMG! I almost forgot one of the most important sites. This is the site where I found the pictures, and this is the site that has the e-mail that was sent to or found by LGF. Either way, it is the basis for this whole article. I caught the misstep right away, though. Thanks. :)

H/t LGF who lead me to USS Neverdock who lead me to Gateway Pundit who lead me to RayD at Davids Medienkritik.

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