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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bias in the media reports from Israel

Bosun's Disclaimer: According to YNET News.Com they were snubbed by a major media corporation. This has not been verified and should be treated as unsubstantiated at the present. The Bosun Locker is simply reporting a news article from an Israeli newspaper and does not endorse it's content. There should be a journalistic inquiry to research if there really is bias in the news coverage out of Lebanon and Israel. If what YNET charges is true, there should be a shake up in the international journalism company.

A Major International News Network Snubs Israeli civilians

Highly unbalanced report mostly ignores plight of Israeli civilians, portrays Israelis as soldiers and politicians in suits, while coverage from Lebanon features in-depth interviews with Lebanese civilians and images of children and ruins; no mention of large number of Israelis displaced from their homes in north .....

Yaakov Lappin

The anatomy of bias: A Major News Media International in-depth report from Israel and Lebanon unveiled the full extent of bias at work behind the global news network's coverage of the Israel Hizbullah war. Scant attention is paid to Israeli civilians, while a long report featuring images and interviews of Lebanese civilians followed. The report's startling lack of representation of the suffering experienced by so many Israeli civilians stood in stark contrast to the interviews and video footage taken of Lebanese children and scenes of wreckage shown from across Lebanon.

For the rest of the article, please visit YNET News.Com and view their article regarding a Major Media Company International snubs Israeli civilians

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