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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Chavez v Rosalas on Dec. 3, 2006

December 3, 2006, there will be an election in Venezuela, and Gov. Rosalas is challenging Mr. Chavez for the seat of president which is a six year term.

While the polls have Rosalas at 9% and Chavez at 56%, Gov. Rosalas realizes he has an uphill battle. One which he is willing climb.
"The government wants to be the owner of all private property," Rosales said. "We will distribute land to the peasants, but we will buy it in such a way as to respect the principle of private property, just as we will respect those of human rights and social justice." [continue reading (free reg. required)]
While he is considered a Social Democrat, he sounds more like a American Conservative! Mr. Chavez is far Left in his political persuasions. He also hates America.

This is one of the reasons it would be a terrible mistake to allow Venzuela to obtain the South American seat in the UNSC!

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