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Saturday, August 26, 2006

UN Continues to Threaten Sanctions Against Iran

Courtesy of CBN News Service:

Threat of Sanctions: U.N. Continues to Threaten Sanctions Against Iran
By Chris Mitchell CBN News – At the United Nations, the world's leading powers have been waving diplomatic carrots at Iran’s leaders to get them to stop enriching uranium.

Iran responded in writing to the U.N. offer of economic incentives and better relations with the west if it will end its drive for nuclear weapons. But Germany has joined France and the United States in branding the Iranian response as unacceptable.

“We've also made it clear that their unwillingness to give up the pursuit of nuclear weapons will result in our efforts in the Security Council to obtain economic sanctions against them,” said U.S. United Nations Ambassador John Bolton.

But Iran’s ayatollahs and its president have scoffed at the threat of U.N. sanctions led by the United States. They see the U.S. as weakened by Hezbollah’s standoff with Israel in Lebanon and the ongoing fighting in Iraq.

Meanwhile, the Iranian leadership continues its daily verbal assault against Israel.

As the U.N. deadline approaches, a number of Israeli military and defense experts have raised concerns that Israel might have to take on Iran by itself.

The Jerusalem Post quoted a senior Israeli official, who said Israel "may have to go it alone" in facing a potentially nuclear Iran. The official also said, "the Iranians know the world will do nothing. This is similar to the world's attempts to appease Hitler in the 1930s. They are trying to feed the beast."

This week, Israeli cabinet member Rafi Eitan told Israeli radio that Israel should prepare bomb shelters for a missile attack by Iran if the U.N. negotiations end badly.

Israel's summer war against Hezbollah was in effect a war against Iran, and its leaders are bracing for the reality that the war could resume.

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