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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Jewish Federation Shooter Pleads Not Guilty

Washington State man who stands accused of storming Seattle’s Jewish Federation offices, killing one woman and wounding five others has pleaded not guilty to aggravated first-degree murder and other charges. Last week he indicated that he wished to plead guilty. However after extensive meetings with his lawyers, that plea did not materialize. The man faces either life in prison or execution if convicted in the death of Pamela Waechter, 58, director of the Jewish charity’s annual fund raising campaign.

Seattle area news media is reluctant to call this crime racially or ethnically motivated, even though the man indicated otherwise when he allegedly shot Pamela Waechter in cold blood. The media has played up that the man was deranged and had been fighting emotional health issues for several years.


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Anonymous said...

I think, Friends of Efrat is the best Jewish charity around. It simultaneously achieves major religious and political aims. I found it here and donated that same day which is sort of unusual for me.