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Saturday, August 19, 2006

See No Terrorism, Hear No Terrorism, Speak No Terrorism

Old Soldier linked to a great analysis by Seth at Hard Astarboard. This is my comment there:

We often speak of "going on with our daily lives and not living in fear" as the best way to show the terrorists that they have not won. But the reality is, they have changed our way of life, and we have no choice but to do so, in order to protect ourselves from the reality of terrorism.

News must be reported; but everytime a terrorist act is broadcast, it is another victory for the terrorist. Because it means getting their message of violence out into the public consciousness. I sometimes wonder what if we never allowed any terrorist activity any airtime at all. Would it continue? After all, part of the motivation is to garner as much media attention as possible. They want the spotlight; they want the media to be complicit in their propaganda of terror.

If we only showed more resolve and a harder stance, it would minimize the impact terrorists see that they have on us. But when we broadcast our grief, our fears, our internal political bickering and dissention, they know that terrorism is effective..and that it works.


Rosemary said...

I have often wondered why we don't take out every television station, including al Jazeer, whenever they air a beheading or a terrorist message. If we were to do this, maybe they think at least 5 times before airing anything having to do with these animals.

As for the media here, did you notice how the homeless people all found a place to live while bill clinton was in office? Isn't that amazing?

The day President Bush was signed in, every single one of them lost their place to live...and it's all Bush's fault.

Or did the media choose not cover it? Hmm...

There is no way we could them to cooperate in winning this war. They are on the side of the terrorists. I frankly don't give a damn about free speech at this point.

What is the point of having speech or anything else when you are dead?

The_Bos'un said...

Good Job. And, good post.