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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Anyone Up For A Hilibuster? Cross posted from BIG DOG's WEBLOG

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It looks like the moonbat parade has another clown in it and that clown is none other than Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton has joined with fellow moonbats Ted Kennedy and John Kerry in support of a filibuster of Judge Samuel Alito. Harry Reid has stated that their are not enough votes to sustain one but will vote for it anyway. Republicans are happy with these events because it will make the Democrats look very bad.

Judge Samuel Alito is a very intelligent man who knows the law. He has shown that he is qualified to be on the Supreme Court. These same moonbats who think Justice Ginsberg is mainstream despite her radical left views and years of work for the ACLU, a communist organization that is hell bent on making America a socialist country believe that Alito would radically alter the make-up of the court. I just can’t find the make-up of the court as a requirement in the Constitution. I am no lawyer but I am sure that a judge should be evaluated on his ability and legal knowledge.

The donks are going to try a filibuster. If by some miracle they get enough votes to sustain one, the Republicans will exercise the nuclear option and the donks will look just as bad. The best thing for them to do is to act with dignity and allow an up or down vote. If they are opposed to Alito they can demonstrate their opposition with a no vote though a no vote shows their inability to get past their hatred for the President. To do anything else is childish, partisan, and quite foolish.

Voters should remember the way these Senators are acting and reward them appropriately when they come up for reelection. As for my state, both liberal moonbats in Maryland are voting against Alito demonstrating they do not have the intelligence or integrity to be in the Senate. One is retiring, thank God. We will have to wait for a while to get rid of the other.

It will be fun to watch this because it shows Hillary Clinton is pandering to the liberals even though she is trying to appear moderate. No matter how much camouflage you wear, a liberal moonbat is still a liberal moonbat. And that folks, is what you have in Mrs. Clinton. Source: New York Daily News

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Big Dog said...


The_Bos'un said...

Big Dog, You are welcome. I enjoy your advance post emails and your blogging. Thanks for doing a great job. R/ Bosun

Crazy Politico said...

The problem is they are almost compelled to filibuster. Unfortunately the voices of reason in the party have been drown out by the money of the unreasonable. Failure to at least try to filibuster could affect those big George Soros donations.

Bosun said...

Bob, You may have hit it right on the head. As our leftists loose more footing they act more irresponsible. Perhaps Soros will see that his present band of idiots are driving things down more. I wonder who he will fund next spread his agenda?

On another note, I read a really great letter to the editor in the Maui News last evening:
Bin Laden speech sounds similar to Democrat accusations

I just read the full text of Osama bin Laden’s latest aloha to America. Minus the statesmanship shown by a truce offer to Bush, bin Laden’s speech is indistinguishable from the regurgitated chatter endlessly spewing from Democrats. I may as well have been reading a speech by Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton or John Murtha.

This is no exaggeration.

In the speech, bin Laden hypes Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay and accuses our soldiers of being torturers. He voices his hatred for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz.

He says “Bush does not have a plan” for “victory in Iraq” and even brings up the “fake, ridiculous show aboard the aircraft carrier.” The guy even misrepresents polls “calling for withdrawing the troops,” just like Democrats.

And as found at anti-war protests everywhere, he says there is no difference between Bush and Saddam Hussein’s “criminality.” Bin Laden so closely reminded me of a Democrat I was waiting for him to announce a trip to West Virginia for a photo op with dead miners’ families.

(the only part of the letter that I think fell off track and do not agree with is the last paragraph)

Although I don’t agree with him, it is important to remember bin Laden is just expressing his opinion, which he has every right to do. It doesn’t make him a coward or anti-American. Dissent is patriotic.

Evelyn Monde