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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Joe Biden: A Free Pass for the Democratic Senator from MSM

He most certainly didn't get a free pass from Hugh Hewitt! I managed to sit in my car for half an hour of Hugh's top of the first hour programming before having to tear myself away from the radio to go into work. And, boy, was it rich!

Today, during the Alito Hearings, Senator Biden said this:

"This is just by way know, why some of us are puzzled, because if I was aware of it, and I didn't even like Princeton...No, I mean I really didn't like Princeton (laughing). Yeah, I was an Irish-Catholic kid who thought it hadn't changed like you concluded it had. I mean, I admit. I have know, one of my real dilemmas is I have two kids who went to Ivy League schools. I'm not sure my grandfather, Finnegan, will ever forgive me for allowing that to happen. But all kidding aside, I wasn't a big Princeton fan."

It's only interesting, because 11 months ago, when he was speaking at Princeton, he sang a 180 degree tune:

It's an honor to be here. It would have even been a greater honor to have gone here. I have three children who have mercifully have all finally completed undergraduate and graduate school, and I tried to get all three of them to apply here...I committed a serious mistake, Dean. I've learned now, any advice I give...when you become parents, whatever school you want your child to go to, don't mention it. And so I had been pushing Princeton,"

Now, here's the real gem:

" and this magnificently attractive, intellectually and physically, beautiful young girl, was a sophomore, was showing us around, and I figured we've got a lock now. My son is going to really be interested, and I know Senators aren't supposed to say things like that, but if he hadn't been interested, I would have been worried..."

In and of itself, it's really not a big deal to me. But given how Democrats are supposed to be the "party of the sensitive"- and more accurately, "the oversensitive", it's more example of liberal hypocrisy. If a Republican Senator made that public slip (or even privately, as Dems seem desperate to dig up everything under the sun for one grain of dirt on Alito), the mainstream press would have jumped all over it as a homophobic and insensitive statement. Fortunately for Biden, his status as a Democratic leader gets him the free pass....except among conservative bloggers.

And Hugh rightly points out, in relation to the homophobe statement, what Senator Biden said today at the hearings:

Discrimination has become very sophisticated. It has become very, very sophisticated, very much more subtle than it was when I got here 34 years ago, or 50 years ago, and, um, and employees don't say anymore, you know, "We don't like blacks in this company," or "We don't want women here." They say things like, well, "They wouldn't fit in," or you know, "They tend to be too emotional," or, um, "a little high strung." I mean, there are all different ways in which now it has become so much more subtle...

Please go to Radioblogger for some rollicking soundclips of this. Three of them. Good stuff.

I guess word got to Senator Biden about his Princeton comments, as he exercised damage control today. The hat was most certainly a nice touch...

I guess the way Biden interprets "Hearings" is to mean he gets to listen to himself grandstand for 26 of his 30 minutes, leaving Alito only 4 minutes to respond back to him.

This photo says it all in regards to the Dems realizing that all they are armed with are blanks to fire at a bullet-proof Alito.

Hat tip: Professor Bainbridge for the Biden photo.

Ex-Donkey Blog for the nail-biting dems photos.

Hat tip: Professor Bainbridge for the photo.


Tom said...

Yes, well as you well know the hearings are a farce. The Democrats don't want to hear Alito talk about his judicial philosophy, judicial process, or the constitution.

Rather, they've decided that he will vote the "wrong way" in an abortion case and so are throwing mud in a manner that would make Joe McCarthy proud.

Now Biden, I admit, is not really one of the mudthrowers (that title belongs to Kennedy, Durbin, Leahy, and Schumer). He just likes to hear himself speak.

The_Bos'un said...

I hate to be so blunt, but, Biden appears not to be very bright. How an upstanding member of our legislature can say, "I didn't even like Princeton," he said, to laughter from the gallery. "I mean, I really didn't like Princeton. I was an Irish Catholic kid who thought it had not changed like you concluded it had," referring to Alito's earlier statement that Princeton had changed its traditional ways before he enrolled.....," and hold his air head liberal attitude up so high. These Liberal Dems like Joe and Teddy are something else.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

He just likes to hear himself speak.

Yeah, apparently he had spoken for 26 of his 30 minutes, leaving Biden's amount of time on the mic at 4 minutes.

I heard today Biden was wearing a Princeton cap. Is this true? I haven't been around the news and blog circuit all day. But I did hear Hugh Hewitt mention something about this, and it was a direct response to word getting to Biden about the audiofiles and his conflicting statements about Princeton.

Rosemary said...

LOL. What an idiot. I heard it, too. And they keep re-electing him? What state is he from? That's one state I'll not move to! lol