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Thursday, January 19, 2006

So You Want to Deal, OBL? Die!

There has been a tape released today, presumably, threatening another attack but offering a truce. Has he been reading the Senate's playbook? Why do I not say Republican or Democrat? Does it matter, really?

When this country is under attack, we are all Americans. It comes down to those of us whom are willing to stand up to preserve it, and those who will not. I do not want to hear from those who will not.

I will not call them names, as of yet. I do not desire to be bothered by them. Just as long as they do not give aid and comfort to the enemy...

Steve Emerson, a counterterrorism expert and Executive Director of the Investigative Project, was on MSNBC this morning. Here is the video (Hat tip to Andrew Cochran) and transcript, property of Andrew Cochran.

My personal belief is that Zawahiri is either hiding or dead. Why is he not out making statements to dispute that the USA got him? Whichever the fact, another one is that he is afraid. He is very afraid. Good! He had better be. Can he still contact anyone? Who can he trust? So many questions unanswered.

Why, after over a year in hiding, does al Jazeera suddenly put up a video that was probably made in early December? Was it not January 2006 when we declared OBL dead in Iran? Could it be to cover the facts of the success of USA strikes in Pakistan? Hmm...

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GI Korea said...

I think this is definitely a sign that Al Qaida fears that they are loosing the war of terror and are getting desperate. I think it is very interestng that they did not release a video tape and instead chose audio. Either OBL looks deathly ill or that air strike really hit close to home so they don't want to give up to much info to CIA analysts.