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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

GOP House Party to Support the President of the United States

Attached is an email that I received from Republican National Committee (RNC). In the email, Michael DuHaime, RNC, Political Director, invites each one of us to host a State of the Union House Party with our friends. I suggest that you follow the links in the email and establish your own State of the Union House Party on Tuesday, January 31st. The GOP State of the Union House Party Program is a grassroots tool that brings together like minded people who support the President and the Republican ticket. Parties all across the nation can be easily organized and coordinated at the GOP website Folks, we are living in exciting times and are part of living history. Let us celebrate being on "the right side of history."

Dear Bosun,

Last week, Chairman Ken Mehlman e-mailed you inviting you to host your own State of the Union House Party on the evening of Tuesday, January 31st. You may have visited here to learn more, or even taken the first steps towards signing up and creating your party. Now, please take the next step and send out your invitations.

Setting up your party is now easier than ever. With just one click, you'll be all set to create and preview your party - the whole process takes two minutes or less. We even take the hassle out of sending invitations, with lists of Republicans near you to invite. You can even choose to hold your party at a local restaurant or other venue. Don't wait - create your party today.

A State of the Union House Party is a great way to share one of the most important political speeches of the year with your friends and neighbors. As a party host, we'll also send you a special GOP House Party Packet with a letter from Chairman Mehlman and unique ways to get involved in 2006. Set up your party today - only parties registered in the next six days will receive the GOP House Party Packet!

Now that you've had some time to consider Chairman Mehlman's invitation, I hope you'll take the next step and host a party. It's easy, it's fun, and it's vital to victory in 2006. Thank you for your continued support.


Michael DuHaime
RNC Political Director

P.S. Creating a party is just a click away. Don't miss this chance to celebrate President Bush's State of the Union Address with your friends and neighbors.

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