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Monday, January 30, 2006

Entertaining Communism
(from Beyond the News)
—Michael Medved
January 30, 2006

In a startling development on the American left, prominent activists suddenly associate themselves with the long-disgraced ideology of communism. Novelist Kurt Vonnegut told NPR that "Karl Marx gets a bad rap" because "he wanted to take care of a lot of people."

Meanwhile, the Revolutionary Communist Party in America proudly organizes a full-page ad demanding "Bush Step Down!" and secures signatures of Oscar-winners Sean Penn, Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon and Jane Fonda--plus two members of Congress!

Stylish New Yorkers buy expensive fashion gear with images of Che Guevara, and Steven Spielberg says his time with Fidel Castro amounted to the "most important six hours of my life." It's hard to imagine such unapologetic association with Nazism--yet communism killed far more people. More than 100 million civilians died at the hands of Marxist butchers like Mao, Stalin, Ho Che Minh and Pol Pot--yet ignorant entertainers now want to rehabilitate history's most evil ideology.

Through high school and much of college, I came to accept this kind of garbage that is washed into you: "Communism isn't evil...capitalism is evil". I thought I was being educated by being enlightened from a commonly perceived "myth" in the world.....a lie from the pro-capitalist society in which I lived. My liberal educators were telling me some great misperception, I thought at the time; and now I knew better....I, in my smug arrogance, thought I now knew a higher reality than those who badmouthed communism and the Soviets.

But then I grew up. I deprogrammed myself. What's Steven Speilberg and Sean Penn's excuse for continuing to live in denial? For perpetuating their own ignorance?j

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The_Bos'un said...

Thanks Wordsmith. Michael is a great Talkshow host and hails from Seattle. The moonbat capital of the left coast. Michael is a voice in the wilderness for conservatives in the Pacific Northwest. Thank you for your contribution. Will be heading home on Sunday. R/ Bosun