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Friday, January 13, 2006

Apparently, Mark Leno won't debate Rick Roberts at this time

Reposted with permission from Rick Roberts, 760 KFMB AM radio, San Diego, California. For further information about Rick or his points of view, please visit Rick's Blog at 760 KFMB.

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Posted By Rick January 13th, 2006

Things that are new in the Jessica’s Law story:

*** Rick Roberts will be on Hannity and Colmes this coming Monday, to talk about Liberal Mark Leno standing up for child molesters and not for the children of California.

*** Listeners are telling us that Mark Leno will not debate Rick Roberts, but LENO will be buying commercials.

Tried to confirm this information with Leno’s press secretary but she was more interested in screaming and being unprofessional than answering a simple yes or no question.

Press Secretary Shannon Valayes said our show “had been unfair” to her office.

I contend they have been unfair to the thousands and thousands of children in California by watering down or standing in the way of punishment for child molesters.

Hey Shannon! Hey Mark!

You’re trying to defend an indefensible position, and you’re doing the unimaginable by ALLOWING YOUR PARTISANSHIP TO STAND IN THE WAY OF PROTECTING CHILDREN!

Oh well…yell all you want at me. It’s good to have the right enemies.

*** Leno pulled Assemblywoman Sharon Runner off the Assembly floor yesterday to complain about all the calls and criticism he had received from San Diego thanks to The Rick Roberts Show and our listeners.

HE SAID HE DIDN’T LIKE IT AT ALL. Poor baby. Compare your pain Mark to a child that gets raped.

*** Convicted and released and then popped again Child Molester Mathew Hedge is going in for a status hearing today…we are watching out for that…and will have The District Attorney on this coming Tuesday to talk about the latest with Hedge and Badger.

*** Petition drives all over the place today and tomorrow, (CHECK OUT NEWSLETTER BELOW) and 760 KFMB is planning A BIG PETITION DRIVE this upcoming week. Details on Monday’s show.

Have a great weekend and DON’T MISS MONDAY’S SHOW!

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