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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Help Stop Smears Against Judge Alito

I am passing on an email that I received from Ken Mehlman, Chairman, Republican National Committee. Please go to the news links I have attached at the end of the email from Ken:

Dear Bosun

In the last two days, Americans have seen the integrity and fair-mindedness of Judge Samuel Alito in his Supreme Court confirmation hearings. As expected, far-left groups and their allies in the Senate have unleashed their last-ditch attack strategy, attempting to smear Judge Alito with personal attacks, and peddling inaccuracies and distortions in the Judiciary Committee hearings. Don't let them get away with it - call and e-mail your Senators right now in support of Judge Alito's confirmation.

(In Washington State) Senator Maria Cantwell: 202-224-3441; Senator Patty Murray:202-224-2621

Throughout the hearings, we have seen Democrat Senators from Ted Kennedy to Chuck Schumer to Patrick Leahy question Judge Alito's integrity, suggest that he would undermine this nation's commitment to one-man, one-vote, allow machine guns on the street, and make it easier for employers to discriminate. These baseless attacks are a disgrace to the process.

This is all part of a coordinated assault led by far-left attack groups like, and it stops right here. The facts are these: Judge Alito is the most experienced nominee to the Court in three generations.

He has received the American Bar Association's highest rating, and is supported by a solid 2-to-1 majority of Americans. To be confirmed, he needs one more thing: your help to set the record straight against shadowy groups who will stop at nothing to defeat him.

This is a critical moment. Please send your message to Senators today.


Ken Mehlman, Republican National Committee 310 First Street, SE Washington, DC 20003p: 202.863.8500 f: 202.863.8820

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Rosemary said...

I'm P.O.'d.

The_Bos'un said...

Some am I. But, what would you expect from a bunch of social apologists and appeasers. They are distroying our great country from within by thier self-serving interests.