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Thursday, October 13, 2005

ABC News reports that the Interior Minister of Syria has committed suicide days before the UN is to release their findings on the murder of Mr. Hariri, the beloved politician in Lebanon.
The potential suspects, according to Arab media reports, include senior Syrian security officials, members of Assad's inner circle or even relatives. Some Assad family members hold powerful positions in the intelligence and security services.

Syria is reportedly planning a diplomatic offensive to discredit the report, which would include reaching out to China, India and Russia to help block a U.N. resolution and possible sanctions.
Mark these 2 dates on your calendar: October 15, 2005-The Iraqis will vote whether to approve their Constitution or start over. October 25, 2005-The UN is scheduled to release it's final report and findings on the murder of former-PM Hariri of Lebanon.

Now for the commentary! Do you believe he just went and offed himself, or did he have a little help? Either way, there's one more terrorist gone. Good riddance! No tears here, man.

These dictators, especially this one who ran the intelligence in Lebanon, are mean, ruthless, and inhumane. I refuse to be humane to a lowlife such as this. He has killed more Lebanese than any other group of people, so when you hear the accusations that the USA wants sanctions after we find out it was Assad and family who were involved in the assassination of PM Hariri, ignore it. They already have their game plan. Ignore it.

Have I shown enough contempt for now? I do not believe so! But alas, I must go to print! (lol.) Have a great day!

Update: There are two sites which have better information which I highly recommend. The first one is Counter Terrorism. The second one is Terrorism Unveiled. They are both very credible and well written. They are also sourced.

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The_Bos'un said...


Great article and also a very good commentary by you. Was he a sacrificial lamb, so to speak, to get the heat of the inner circle of Syria, or did he fall out of favor. Maybe he was getting soft and said the wrong things to the wrong people. The Muslim religion and Arab culture mindset is difficult to understand with the layers of al-Taqiyya that one has to way through to find the truth. Thank you for joining my blog.

R/ Bos'un

Rosemary said...

Thank you. I believe it is called "assisted suicide." As I said, I really don't care. One less terrorist? GOOD!

Who do they think was behind hiding Hussein's family and friends? Jihadists? Training them? Arming them? I HOPE HE ROTS IN THE DEEPEST PITS OF HELL.

But I have nothing personal to say. lol.