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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Iraqis Reach Breakthrough Deal on Charter

Reported from My Way News, Oct 11, 7:03 PM (ET)By LEE KEATH

Iraqi negotiators have reached a breakthrough on the constitution! According the news release today, tt least one Sunni Arab party will urge its followers to approve the charter in this weekend's referendum.....the two sides agreed on a mechanism to consider amending the constitution after it is approved in Saturday's referendum. Perhaps there is hope for the process. Imagine, how the libs will react if President Bush succeeds in planting this seed of democracy in the Middle East. Read the details

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Rosemary said...

Remember the USSR? They credit the Russians! Do I need to say more? lol.

I think it is wonderful! I wrote Omar and Mohammed a very long e-mail to congratulate them! This is wonderful.

I do not care what the Left thinks, and neither do the Iraqis! lol.