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Friday, October 14, 2005

An Al-Qaeda Love Story: From Morocco to Bosnia to Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, Via New Jersey

In 1969, my division officer, Lieutenant Andy Young, became tired of my liberal kumbay ya butt, and told me that I should read about Mao to find out what we were up against. The next time we pulled into Hong Kong for shore leave and liberty call, I went out and purchased an English translation of Mao's Little Red Book. Well I read a lot of it and the lights came on in my young adolescent brain. The Winds of Change started to come over me. Over the years I became complacent listening to the Mainstream Media (MSM) and their spin. I figured that I had better wake up and try to learn what is going on. I still am not sure where I will end up in this series. Hope you will stay with me long enough to learn a little. I may be dealing with copywrite material, so, I intend to provide you with a synopsis and a link to the site of my interest.

Serveral days ago at Orbusmax I found an interesting piece that was linked to MEMI titled, "An Al-Qaeda Love Story: From Morocco to Bosnia to Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, Via New Jersey "Special Dispatch Series - No. 984 of the Middle East Media Reseach Institue."

In MEMI's Special Dispatch, I discovered an interview with Fatihah Mohammed Al-Taher Hosni, the wife of Moroccan Al-Qaeda member Abdel Karim Al-Tuhami Al-Majati. Al Majati was responsible for the May 2003 bombings in Riyadh. He was later killed by Saudi Security Forces. Fatiha herself was arrested in Saudi Arabia in March 2003. In the interview Fatiha spoke how she infludenced her her husband join the Jihad and how they became involved in Al-Qaeda. Fatiah described that they were "overjoyed" to hear about 9/11. This article will definately give you insight into the Jihadist mind set. The information is copywrited, so, I have provided the link to the Special Dispatch Series at MEMI. This interview will give you a glimmer into the life of Jihadists and a little of what makes them tick.

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