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Friday, October 07, 2005

You did not hear this from the mainstream news (MSM) yet. This is a big story that needs to get some coverage. It came to me through Orbusmax. The story broke in The Guardian, but, apparently did not get picked up in the United States. By the looks of things, the freedom ride on our Internet is about over when the EU and UN get their control over the Net.

"Breaking America's Grip on the Net"
By Kieren McCarthy, Thursday October 6, 2005, Posted in The Guardian

After troubled negotiations in Geneva, the US may be forced to relinquish control of the internet to a coalition of governments....Hendon explained the EU had decided to end the US government's unilateral control of the internet and put in place a new body that would now run this revolutionary communications medium..... A number of countries represented in Geneva, including Brazil, China, Cuba, Iran and several African states, insisted the US give up control, but it the EU took a bold step and proposed changes....There are still dozens of unanswered questions but all the answers are pointing the same way: international governments deciding the internet's future. The internet will never be the same again.

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