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Friday, October 14, 2005

Who is Adam Gadahn?

A little digging on our Southern Californian Jihadist, Adam Gadahn turned up an interesting piece of information from Debbie Schussel @ I found this information compliments of Michelle Malkin's Blog

In the article Ms. Schussel discussed Adam Gadahn’s, Imam, Muzammil Siddiqi, who at the time of the article (05/2004), was the Executive Director of the Islamic Society of Orange County. That mosque was the one that Gadahn attended. Ms. Schussel mentioned that Siddiqi is allegedly an extremist. "In 1995, Siddiqi praised jihad and martyrdom in the Kansas City Star. “Those who die on the part of justice are alive, and their place is with [Allah], and they receive the highest position, because this is the highest honor." Siddiqi also aspires to see the United States a Muslim country and that shariah should replace United States law. Canada just avoided an attempt to have shariah law rule Moslems in Canada. While researching the Canada issue, I stumbled across some shocking information that indicated our liberal tolerance crowd has also got their sights set on shariah law in the United States. It is not quite organized, but, is definitely coming our way. Keep in mind Siddiqi’s professed desires when you read the following links:

Because Ms. Schussel’s article is a copywrite site, I should best refer you to her website to gain more knowledge regarding Adam Gadahn, Muzammil Siddiqi, et. al. Stand by for additional shocking revelations when you dive in.

I have also included Michelle Malkin’s links from her site:

And before the anti-profiling absolutists start using Gadahn as their new poster boy, note that the FBI says he was just one member of a Khalid Sheikh Mohammed-hatched plot to blow up gas stations in the Baltimore area. The lead conspirator in the plot was Pakistani Majid Khan --a relative of convicted Pakistani al Qaeda operative Iyman Faris--who was sentenced last fall for his role in plotting to sabotage the Brooklyn bridge. Also reportedly tasked on the Baltimore bomb plot was Pakistani Uzair Paracha, charged last summer with aiding al Qaeda operatives seeking entry into the U.S.

  • A little more on the ABC tape at the Kerry Spot...and Lorie Byrd muses about a terrifying October surprise
  • Fox News coverage of the ABC News non-coverage at The Daily Recycler. And a follow-up report from Fox News here. MSNBC says CIA can't authenticate the tape
  • Profile of Gadahn in City Beat, focusing on his pre-Islamist conversion love of heavy metal (hat tip: Alia)


Anonymous said...

And who supports the Wahhabists? None other than our fearless leader, his family, and his cronies.

Some might say the 'war on terror' has become a terror campaign itself!

The_Bos'un said...

I would like to have a little more dialog than just a fleeing comment in the wind. How can we understand where we have been, where we are now, and what the realities of the future will bring us?

Rosemary said...

It would also be nice if these brave souls would use their names instead of posting anonymously!

Too many links, man! I have work to do! LOL. Maybe you could give a little summary of what all the links say tied up into one story? That's what I TRY to do. I am not always successful. lol. Great post, however! Have a great day.