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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Vancouver (CANADA) lawyer has won a procedural victory in her attempt to prosecute U.S. President George W. Bush under the Criminal Code

Now from the wacko libs north of the border in Canada. I kid you not, this was not even peeped in the liberal MSM on the correct side of the border. It is bad enough living in the Pacific Northwest, "left coast," I also have to live south of the biggest "liberalsville" that I have ever seen. Living here is sometimes sad, sorry, and at times comical with the antics of the liberal left. I found this wacky article through Orbusmax , kind of a Drudge Report of the Pacific Northwest. With friends like these Canadian lawyers, et al, who needs enemies.

Folks, these Canadian leftists north of our border and are talking like this about Our President. Thought you'd like to read it, stratch your heads, and perhaps comment on the wonderful world of liberalism and the mental disorders that go along with their disease:

Bush publication ban lifted
By Matthew Burrows

Publish Date: 20-Oct-2005

A Vancouver (CANADA) lawyer has won a procedural victory in her attempt toprosecute U.S. President George W. Bush under the Criminal Code.Gail Davidson, cofounder of an international group of jurists called Lawyers Againstthe War, expressed her delight on October 18 following the lifting of a publication ban on court proceedings against the U.S. president....As a private citizen, she charged him with seven counts of counselling, aiding, and abetting torture at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and at Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay naval base. She had her charges accepted by a justice of the peace in Vancouver Provincial Court....Bush faces prison time if the case goes to trial and he is found guilty....Link to the rest of the story: Bush publication ban lifted

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