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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

More Biased News Baloney

Obtained from: Media Research Center CyberAlert. Tracking Liberal Media Bias

CBS Challenges Marine Recruit's Linking of 9/11 to Battle in Iraq

Apparently, after Monday's CBS Evening News showed a clip of a Marine recruit at Parris Island explaining why he volunteered for duty in the United States Marine Corps, "a Left Coast" reporter, Sharyn Alfonsi, quickly admonished the Marine recruits as "she stressed how "politicians will argue whether the war and 9/11 are related" -- though she added that "clearly here, to these recruits, the two are inseparable." So, here is the most biased press taking cheap shots at recruits who do not take the left coast point of view. It is sad, how our most liberal press has degraded itself. Read the rest of the story

Remember Liberal tolearnance in neither liberal nor tolerant.

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Rosemary said...

I agree that they are neither liberal nor tolerant. It is sad. We have a higher approval rating in Iraq! Well...come to think of it...that is a GOOD thing! lol.