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Friday, October 14, 2005

The Key to Jihadist Idealogy and Strategy

Recently, I came across an informative article, " The Key to Jihadist Ideology and Strategy." It was written by Lawrence Auster, in August 2004.

Visit the website to get his theory on Jihad and what they (Islamofascist) are trying to do. So much has been written about this subject in the past, I am not sure why our State Department, Federal Government and agencies, and the civilized world has not taken complete notice of IslamoFacism until now.

"In other words, the left believes that the Islamists hate us for our sins, and the right believes that they hate us for our virtues. Both sides commit the same narcissistic fallacy of thinking that the Islamist holy war against the West revolves solely around ourselves, around the moral drama of our goodness or our wickedness, rather than having something to do with Islam itself......."

I tend to believe that they hate us because of our freedoms and open society.


Rosemary said...

I believe they hate us because they hate us. I guess I'm just a simpleton! lol.

Luke said...

I believe a more plausible explanation is, simply, that these individuals are orthodox Muslims who take their religion seriously. Readers might profit from a perusal of this very concise (and well documented) summary of Islamic orthodoxy in this regard, prepared by an ex-Muslim who grew up in the religion:

In the interests of educating the American public, in as dispassionate manner as possible, about the real nature of Islam, I recently joined a new organization called United American Committee. Others might consider doing the same. I myself am interested in seeing a series of "teach-ins" at leading colleges and universities, especially the Ivy League. For more information feel free to contact me:


Luke Lea