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Monday, October 24, 2005

I have said all this before, but, I do not want to leave any loose ends on this International and Foreign Court Jurisdiction thing. It sounds to me that the Canadian courts still are pursing it (the criminal case). Kind of like the Spanish Court issuing an arrest warrant for those three United States Army tank soldiers who fired on the New Palestinian Hotel and inadvertently killed the journalist and camera man in 2003. The foreign court can make wacky rulings.

As reported by the Associated Press last week, a Spanish judge issues International Arrest Warrants for three United States service members whose tank fired on a Baghdad hotel during the Iraq war that killed a Spanish journalist and a Ukrainian cameraman, a court official said Wednesday. Spain conceded that it will be difficult to arrest those three individuals because they are not in Spain. Apparently, prior requests to interview those three individuals, Sgt. Shawn Gibson, cap. Philip Wolford and Lt. Col. Philip de Camp, whose tank fired on the Hotel Palestine in April 2003, were not granted and the United States did not respond to Spanish requests.The article also indicated that on of the military personnel, De Camp, said that the United States two military investigations and one investigation by the Committee to Protect Journalists had exonerated all three men.

Apparently Spain can prosecute individuals who commit crimes against Spanish citizens abroad if there is no investigation regarding the alleged crime. In news release by Committee to Protect Journalists released in 2003:

Quote: “A Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) investigation into the incident—based on interviews with about a dozen reporters who were at the scene, including two embedded journalists who monitored the military radio traffic before and after the shelling occurred—suggests that attack on the journalists, while not deliberate, was avoidable. CPJ has learned that Pentagon officials, as well as commanders on the ground in Baghdad, knew that the Palestine Hotel was full of international journalists and were intent on not hitting it. However, these senior officers apparently failed to convey their concern to the tank commander who fired on the hotel.”

The Spanish judge appeared to have discounted United States military investigations and also discounted the investigation conducted by Committee to Protect Journalists which is contrary to Spanish Law. Guess those liberals over there (Spain) do the same irrational and wacky things our liberal lawyers and judges do over here in the United States. Sounds to me that Spain may be splitting straws on this case.Back to Vancouver Canada; guess that the courts in Vancouver will start hearing this case in November. Where it goes from there is anyone’s guess. Theoretically, if the court rules against our President, it is a mute issue, unless he visits the province of British Columbia

Now I would not discount the European Union and the United Nations in general, and many of our adversaries as they start to get together. With the entire yahoo liberals out there are trying to start this "Global Village" concept. When there is liberalism, you better believe there is a good old socialist trying to figure out how to take away rights.

Case in point, that was not really covered by our MSM on October 6th,"Breaking America's grip on the net"By Kieren McCarthy, Thursday October 6, 2005, Posted in The Guardian

After troubled negotiations in Geneva, the US may be forced to relinquish control of the internet to a coalition of governments....Hendon explained the EU had decided to end the US government's unilateral control of the internet and put in place a new body that would now run this revolutionary communications medium..... A number of countries represented in Geneva, including Brazil, China, Cuba, Iran and several African states, insisted the US give up control, but it the EU took a bold step and proposed changes....There are still dozens of unanswered questions but all the answers are pointing the same way: international governments deciding the internet's future. The internet will never be the same again. Read More

So, now we got the EU and our adversaries ganging up together to get control over what they want along with the world court, Spanish Court, and other foreign courts.

Canada is still basically ok. I doubt that the criminal case against President Bush is going to go anywhere, THIS TIME. But, you darn well know that the liberal left will be back to mess with President Bush, raise cane with our war on terror and do damage to us protecting ourselves.

And the liberal lefts are also a bunch of appeasers and apologist that would just as soon Dhimmitude an agreement with the Osama's "religion of peace." The EU, our adversaries, and many third world countries are threatened by our free and open society. We have a lot of rat female dogs out there still saying it was our fault that 9/11 happened. So, the wacko left is trying to force what they can and try to knock us off the hill when they can.

These yahoos and or liberal dhimmis will keep trying to bend and mold the laws to global village. This is a good lesson on how these liberal yahoos going to do it, through liberal courts. Just take a look, we got the 9th "circus court" in California and all the other yahoo liberal boloney that comes out of other courts around our country.

The courts are still trying to legislate us out of the war on terror and put a crimp in how we deal with terrorist. Remember our “Dirty Bomb California Gang Banger Padilla” almost walked because of liberal courts. This global village crowd would rather do things with world consensus and Kumby Ya. We better be on guard and stay away from the world court and global village.

I wonder how many of our own congressmen and senators support global village and world court rules? Dhimmitude runs deep. That question requires more research and will have to wait for another blog later on down the road.


Pebble said...

What a good job you are doing!

Rosemary said...

Defend the Defenders is a great organization. They are trying right now to help someone on appeal. He has lost everything for...gasp...killing someone in war. Well, damn! What was he supposed do? Play cards? Grrrr.

Great work!