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Friday, October 14, 2005

Interview with a potential suicide bomber, Arin Ahmed, June 2002

According the The Razor, the following article and link appeared in Ha'aretz Daily. The Razor stated that this article was "one of the year's best pieces of journalism ...... It deserves to be read and re-read again because it shows the evil of the "psychotic culture of death" that the Palestinians are subscribing to. "

I did a newspaper search to verify what The Razor had run, and found the article in Ha'aretz Daily archives, 20/06/2002, "A Near Death Experience" by Vered Levy-Barzilai. Below is a brief quote from the article.

Arin Ahmed: "I got out of the car. The place wasn't exactly like I'd seen on the map. I saw a lot of people, mothers with children, teenage boys and girls. I remembered an Israeli girl my age whom I used to be in touch with. I suddenly understood what I was about to do and I said to myself: How can I do such a thing? I changed my mind. Issam also had second thoughts, but they managed to convince him to go ahead. I saw him go and blow himself up........"I decided that I wasn't going to do it. They were very angry at me. They yelled at me the whole way back. And they also tried to send me to carry out another attack in Jerusalem. But I'd already changed my mind and given up the whole idea. I stayed at home, until your forces came and arrested me."

You can read the interview in The Razor at

or, you can visit Ha'aretz Daily and read the original article as it appeared on June 20th 2002,

I'll hold my comments back on this one for the time being. You really have to read it, ask yourselves some questions and come up with conclusions. Please post your impressing on Arin's story.

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Rosemary said...

This story is quite old, in new media time! We already know about. It is good, however, to be reminded!

We have been discussing a culture of death for over 10-20 years now. I wonder when anyone else will get the message? Hmm.