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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bos'un Op-ed: Has Zarqawi been demoted; who cares.

Many news agencies including the Christian Science Monitor have reported that Al Qaeda demoted Zarqawi this week.

There are supposed reports saying that this insurgent leader in Iraq, Zarqawi, has been stripped of political duties after backlash from Amman bombings (several months ago). My question is does it matter? Who is driving this train-wreck killing machine, al-Qaeda? And, is the supposed leaders of al-Qaeda trying to regain loss in face?
Folks, these murderers in al-Qaeda are bright, manipulative, and skilled at getting what they want through intimidation and fear. Do not think for moment that al-Qaeda is compassionate and gives a damn about anyone other than their Caliphate ambitions. If you become soft on terrorism, you are not going to last long. Their history shows that they do not take kindly to dhimmis.

International news services jump on any news other than what Americans are doing right. International news services jump on news reports that are not true, known for misreporting facts, and appear to suffering from acute attention deficit disorder.

Lets get a few things clear: bin-Laden and his terror organization are lunatic fanatics who want to kill the infidels (and their supporters in the middle east.) al-Qaeda wants the remove the Saudi Arabian rulers, House of Saud, from power. Without a doubt, al-Qaeda would like the remove the rulers of Jordan, too. Ask the king of Jordan if al-Qaeda has had a change of heart. I am sure he will scoff at that idea. Perhaps Hezbollah, Hamas, and other organizations are not particularly happy that al-Qaeda is the biggest bully on the block. But, they all are bullies and are affiliated to annihilate Israel, kill the Great Satan, and dominate the world with their radicalized brand of Islam. To think otherwise, one is fooling oneself.

The facts are: al-Qaeda appears to be infiltrating in the Palestinian territories, turning its focus to Lebanon, and aspirations destabilization of a whole region. They will try to do this with or without Zarqawi. Next thing you know, the UN will want to negotiate amnesty for bin Laden in turn for lasting peace. That is a crock.

To think that some lunatic is going to fire Zarqawi (for being to violent) is ludicrous. Perhaps it is a power struggle. Perhaps the dhimmis of the west are trying to appease a powerful organization and make them look more credible for the dhimmis survival.

Then again, maybe al-Qaeda is willing to sacrifice Zarqawi for the cause. We are fighting Islamofacist terrorists. Who cares who is the engineer riding in the lead locomotive? A terrorist is a terrorist.

It is wishful thinking on the part of western news media to think that al-Qaeda is turning on one of their own and may be turning into a softer more diplomatic organization that wants to spread peace and harmony in the Middle East.

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