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Monday, April 24, 2006

Chavez - Ortega alliance

Chavez backs former US foe in Nicaragua election
Mon Apr 24, 2006

CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Sunday backed the favorite to win Nicaragua's November presidential election, days after Washington warned the country not to vote for its former cold war foe. Full Article

Bosun's analysis: Let’s get the facts strait. America has become complacent in our western hemisphere. We saw how Clinton Administration's falling asleep at the wheel on terrorism got us into the present situation with al-Qaeda. It seems like each administration develops a sleeping disorder on important issues. The American people have also grown weary at remaining situationally aware. It appears that we have fallen asleep to Nicaragua's Creeping Coup and other problems in the Americas. North Americans falsely assumed that Daniel Ortega's Marxist Dictatorship political career ended 15 years ago. Suprise, Suprise!!

America has not done a good job shoring up free democracy in Central and South America. And, we are probably going to pay the price for it again. With the lunatic jackass lefti dictator, Chavez, firmly in place in Venezuela and raising the ante with his trade agreements with North Korea and Iran, his buddy, Ortega, is also planning a comeback.

Thanks to the weakness of Nicaragua's democratic government (and America not helping the people of Nicaragua) Daniel Ortega is close to regaining power and broadening the Latin alliance of undemocratic states; Cuba and Venezuela.

Could it be that our State Department and the mindset of America Congress, the Administration, and others in the Americas take for granted our southern neighbors? Do we devote more diplomatic attention to the world community that our own backyard?

Perhaps we should soul search our foreign policy and take an objective look at what is going on in the Americas. I am not sure it is too late, but, our Latin neighbors will remember what we have and have not done for them. We must follow through on commitments.

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Rosemary said...

I hate that little creep. He reminds me of Kennedy, Kerry, etc. Any time you can blame the USA for your own problems, just do it. Well I've had it up to HERE! (lol, you can't see me, lol).

I have a few more stories on him. Do you know he invited our embassador? Oh yeah! Did you know about the 60 northeasterners who went there to kiss his arse for the low gas prices for the winter? Yup. Commies.

Anonymous said...

sorry to break in on your little pity party here, but do you know that the fact is that Ortega polls in as number three in popularity in Nicaragua?

Yeah I thought so . . .

The_Bos'un said...


Not sure what position you are expressing. Is it a good thing or is it a bad thing? Did America do its best with Nicaragua after Ortega was dethroned the first time? Is he going to gain control again? I contend that there is a distinct possibility that he will gain control again, or his socialist party will in the not so distant future. I contend that America has failed to shore up coming democracies and have ignored our Southern neighbors and not lived up to our promises. Ortega is extremely popular in Nicaragua and he is attractive the less fortunate’s and socialists. There is a problem with his relationship with both Chavez and Castro.

The next part of my question to you is what should we be doing with our foreign policy?

I know you were being critical, but to what was vague.

I am not giving our government a free pass on this. We may be asleep at the state department and federal level.