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Monday, April 10, 2006

Illegal Protesters Catch On To Mainstream

Thousands of supporters of illegal aliens gathered in protest events in over 60 cities nationwide, but most left home a symbol that has stirred controversy with many Americans: the Mexican flag. Could it be that illegals have caught on to mainstream America and are trying to gain support from the masses? Is it Classic Mao? One has to wonder if illegals and their supporters might spin the issue and blend in.

According the Wikipedia Encyclopedia labor union the membership roles are down within the American labor force. Currently illegals account for about 4.3% of the civilian labor force or about 6.3 million workers out of a labor force of 146 million. Pew Hispanic Center The Occupational Status and Mobility of Hispanics has an interesting breakdown of employment trends not fully discussed in mainstream media. Will labor union leadership support illegal immigration amnesty? Will illegal immigration amnesty tip begin to the balance on skilled labor employment?

After listening Teddy Kennedy's speech in Spanish today one has to wonder if the Democrats are after a larger voter base in the future:
"I look across this historic gathering and I see the future of America. As President Kennedy proclaimed a half century ago, we are a nation of immigrants. And today, we stand together as brothers and sisters to shape America's destiny — old Americans, new Americans, future Americans — all joined together for the common good," Kennedy said after speaking a few sentences of Massachusetts-accented Spanish. Source Fox News: 'We Want to Send a Message' Clinton, Schumer and Kennedy speak

Read the latest on the nationwide protests now at WorldNetDaily! See the WND article: Illegal-alien protesters trade in Mexican flags for Old Glory

Arrival of aliens ousts U.S. workers Americans booted because foreigners 'willing to work for less'
Group burns Mexican flag in front of consulate 'You may not enter our country without our permission' --KVOA-TV, Tucson

Kennedy sees passage of immigration compromise Democrat: 'This is reminiscent of the civil-rights movement' --Reuters

WND POLL Street-fighting men and women What do you think about massive demonstrations by illegal aliens, supporters? --WND

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