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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Casey Sheehan, Rest in Peace

We honor our fallen at the wall and in cemeteries and memorials across the country. However, some do not.

It seems that Cindy has not yet placed a tombstone marker on her son's grave. The international globe trotter, Cindy Sheehan, can protest on at least 3 continents, get arrested various times, go on vacation in Hawaii, have photo ops with the Marxist, Hugo Chavez, in Venezuela, but, she can't seem to find the time to properly mark her son's grave.

Of course since this oversight was brought to her attention, Cindy has been lashing out about her pain. You can read about her excuses at World Net Daily, Cindy Sheehan goes to war over no tombstone for son Peace Mom rips 'smear machine,' defends lack of marker for Casey. Cindy has also provided additional excuses in her op-ed, A Markerless Grave in Vacaville , on the "patriotic" Michael Moore's website, too.

Apparently, as the executor of Casey's estate, Cindy must give her permission for things to be done to Casey's grave and his burial affairs. The real tragedy in this affair is that Casey is eligible for a free veteran grave marker from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Cindy is caught up in her fame and notoriety now. It is all about Cindy, now.
What they don't know is that they can't stop me from trying to save lives. No matter what they cook up next. It is too important. No more needless gravestones. No more wasted lives. Source: Cindy's article at Michael Moore's website
Unfortunately, it sounds to me that Casey has taken a back seat on the Cindy Sheehan Peace Tour.

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Tim said...

Well he IS dead, so I don't think he will notice.

The_Bos'un said...


Thank you for your opinion. I can see your point that funerals and memorials are really for the living. Because Cindy is executor of the estate, she may make a decision not to have a memorial placed at Casey's grave. She is within her right as a grieving mother to grieve any way she sees fit. Then again, she may have plans at her own time and choosing. I have participated in several military funerals where the service member has requested a burial at sea or spreading of ashes at sea. Wonder if they had any memorials or markers for the living to go and grieve.

Perhaps I should not sound harsh in regards to Cindy for her actions or lack thereof. But, then again, perhaps I should point out some alternative points of view. Hey, she can do whatever she likes. However, because I am a service veteran, I personally like to honor the dead. Hope Casey’s name will be placed on an Iraq War Memorial someday so his fellow soldiers can go and pay their respects.

I think it more than Cindy; it is for the strike team, too, and others who also grieve for Casey’s loss.

I would like to hear from others about this subject.