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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Who is Responsible?

I just read this post from Skye, and she reminds me of a study conducted by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, a Swedish pacifist group. We're often accused of having "created Saddam". So.......who do you suppose supplied Saddam with the majority of his armament?

(Click to enlarge)

America and the current Administration have been accused of invading Iraq for oil and war-profiteering. But which countries stood to profit by acting as UN obstructionists, and would never have voted for war to remove Saddam from power, under any circumstances?

France....Russia....China....any foreign nation...does not have America's best interest at heart. Remember that! Don't ever let that part slip from your thoughts as you wring your hands over how "the rest of the world hates us". As Jean Francois Revell puts it, (I paraphrase) "America's apparent unilateralism is due to the fact that it is the rest of the world that has failed to act in our mutual best interest, and in our collective global security."

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