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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rick Roberts Op-ed: Will the real George Bush stand up

WOULD THE REAL GEORGE BUSH PLEASE STAND UP? Reposted with permission from Rick Roberts, 760 KFMB AM radio, San Diego, California. For further information about Rick or his points of view, please visit Rick's Blog at 760 KFMB.

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When you straddle the political fence as hard as President Bush does on illegal immigration, you’re sure to get a rash.

His immigration speech in Irvine turned out to be a mixed bag of messages.

On one hand you had the soft and sweet Bush who loves immigrants (soft language for illegals) saying “they are the backbone of this country” and “they are struggling to feed their families so they take the jobs American’s won’t do.”

And then in the next breath he’s talking about hunting them down with night vision and lasers at the border.

Okay…I’m exaggerating on the lasers…but you get the idea.

How can he say that they are wonderful beautiful hardworking people that deserve respect, and then 5 seconds later put on his yeeehaw cowboy hat and yell we rounded up 6 million of dem illegals crossing into the US?

What gives? You either believe in enforcing the laws of this country, or you don’t. And I’m just not sure with this President.

I’m pretty sure he’s fuzzy on it too.

And speaking of fuzzy, how about that fuzzy math of his? He bragged about what a great job the border patrol was doing in rounding up those 6 million illegals, but doesn’t he realize that some 10 million got past him.

I mean, is that really something to brag about?

I wish President Bush had half the backbone of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Recently the legislature in Arizona passed a law against smugglers. It puts teeth in the law against coyotes.

But instead of just blaming the smuggler, the Sheriff is using it on the illegals. He’s arrested 90 so far on suspicion of conspiracy to smuggle themselves into the United States!


And then he points out the hypocrisy of the catch and release program by saying “It would be nice if law enforcement agencies provided these illegals a free ride to my jails rather than turning them over to U.S. immigration officials for a free ride back to Mexico,” he said. “I can’t clean up the county by myself.”

I say Sheriff Joe for President and Tancredo for VP!

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