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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Pundit Review Radio 4/2/2006

My apologies, everyone. I overslept. If that happens again, just scroll down to last week's posting to find the link to connect to the stream-line. Thank you.

Here is what Kevin and Gregg have written:

The Voice of America sets up the topic,
The Minuteman organization, a private group that advocates stricter immigration controls, is planning a month-long operation along the border with Mexico starting Saturday. The group is also keeping a close eye on the U.S Senate’s current debate over immigration reform.
Pundit Review Radio Introduces New Segment Featuring Blackfive’s ‘Someone You Should Know’ Portraits of Bravery and Herosim.

In hour two, we will be introducing a new weekly segment in conjunction with Blackfive, the award winning milblogger.

We will introduce you to the incredible true stories of the heroes who have been featured in Blackfive’s series ‘Someone You Should Know‘. We are honored to collaborate with Matt from Blackfive, and we share his belief that the public needs, and wants, to hear the stories of the bravery, courage and dignity of the men and women who fight for us. We will bring them to you every Sunday at 9pm.

Pundit Review Radio
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