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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Osama Bin Laden Tape Released

Reposted with permission from Northeast Intelligence Network

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23 April, 2006: A new Osama Bin Laden audio tape has been released, and is currently being aired on Al-Jazeera. While not officially authenticated, reports are that the tape is authentic, and created within the last four to five weeks.

During the recording bin Laden also said the Western public shared responsibility for the actions of their governments, particularly for what he called their attacks on Islam.

The main message of this tape appears to be that by cutting off its funds to Hamas, the West has proven it is "at war with Islam". Bin Laden describes a "long battle" with the west, and that the war is the responsibility of citizens, as well as governments.

More information will become available, as analysis and translation continue.

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WOM said...

Bin Laden is a lunatic. Why would anybody in their right minds avert from a life of comfort and wealth to go and be chased out of caves in remote areas of the world? That's insanity. This video proves nothing but the fact he's still active. All his rhetoric is pointless since he says the same thing over and over again with alterations here and there. I condemn this man and the actions that he and his followers have committed over the past two decades.

The_Bos'un said...
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The_Bos'un said...

Thanks for your post. You, me, and most of the free world condem bin-Laden. And, he is a lunatic, a dangerous lunatic who had proven extreme will to survive. BBC has a good article on bin-Laden "Who is Osama Bin Laden?" along with some other good links and timelines regarding the most famous and crazy terrorist in the world,


Rosemary said...

I beg to differ. Have you ever gone camping? I love living in the woods! That is not insanity.

Everyone misunderestimates GWB, and he blows them away almost every time. DO NOT misunderestimate OBL.

One day after the airing of the audio, Egypt is hit. Yes, he does change a couple of words. What do you suppose his supporters do with those changes?

This is how he sets of the bombs. Next time he speaks, listen carefully, and stay prepared. Don't go to sleep on me now...