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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bosun's op-ed: Stormy seas ahead for the US and Moussaoui

Now we find more dog poop in the yard of our global village!

French Foreign Ministry Jean-Baptiste Mattei: France may ask for Moussaoui.......(Reuters, via Yahoo News)

Apparently, France and the United States signed two agreements in the 1980s about the transfer of convicts. So, Moussaoui's mother and lawyers are planning to petition for him to serve his sentence in France. Here we have a possible demand for transferring Moussaoui is in the making. According to a news article in Yahoo News via Reuters, France has alerted their embassy to closely watch the case. A decision on this matter is forthcoming.

Where is Moussaoui really going to spend his prison time? Moussaoui's idol, Osama bin Laden, has chosen Spartan life in a cave pursuing his belief in "Allah Akbar." In a way, Moussaoui believes that is doing his part for "Allah Akbar," too. Americans think of Moussauoi using their own reality. However, Moussaoui does not give a darn about what he is going through now. To him, life in this world is only temporary compared to where he thinks he is going. Furthermore, it is likely that Moussaoi believes himself to be a political - religious prisoner of the infidels.

Moussaoui's supporters will try to get the French government to take him home. The ACLU will help with that. And, the courts will be bogged by petitions. Unfortunately, the UN and Human Rights Council will get involved and the World Court will probably get involved too.

In the United States, some of our black robed justices believe that international law should prevail. Various foundations in the United States believe that Sharia Law should be part of our legal system.

It is likely that we are going to see the socialist struggle of the century start with this Moussauoi. We already saw a small preview to the struggle when we witnessed his arrest, detention, and trial. By all means this is not over.

For the doubting Thomas', if you think our government has said a flat, "No!" France has not officially asked yet. It appears that international fight could develop.

Is most of EU bending to extremism? Are dhimmis agreements becoming a way of life with the EU countries? Is what was once right now considered wrong and politically incorrect?

Have not several of our black robe justices expressed that international law should be the law of OUR land. Have not some of our more left leaning politicians expressed the same mindset?

Is this Moussaoui thing over? Please never say never.

America, we need to wake up. We need to return to the morals, values, ethics, and core beliefs that made us a great nation.

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1 comment:

Rosemary said...

Can I cross-post a comment? lol. Over at Knickerbocker News:

I hope someone kills him before that comes to pass. Do you remember the idiot in prison in Germany who murdered one of our Sailors?

We were supposed to get him after he did his time there, but they let him go. He is now living free with his brother who is the leader of Hizbollah in Lebanon! NO WAY!