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Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy May Day America

We are being destroyed from within. Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev famously used an expression generally translated into English as "We will bury you!" ("Мы вас похороним!", or "My vas pokhoronim!") while addressing Western ambassadors at reception in Moscow in November, 1956. ( The quote, cited on and ). Source

In 1956, we (the United States of America and the American people) thought old Nike was one crazy commie. Well, it seems like old Niki is having a good laugh from wherever the heck he ended up. May Day 2006, the good old International Labor Day, socialist holiday of the year:

BOYCOTT THE 'GRINGO' (Mexican Unions Urge U.S. Goods Boycott) MEXICO CITY
Hundreds of union members rallied Monday to support Mexican migrants working in the United States and call for a boycott of U.S. goods in what was dubbed "A Day Without Gringos." ;

Nationwide Immigrant Rallies Under Way, May 01 11:47 AM US/EasternIllegal immigrants and their allies gathered Monday for marches, prayers and demonstrations on a planned national day of economic protest, boycotting work, school and shopping to show;

'Day without immigrants' under way Protesting legislation making it felony to be in country illegally --Associated Press

Events related to day without immigrants Human chains, no shopping, church Masses, school walkouts --Associated Press

U.S. citizens urged to 'shop till you drop' Counter-protesters against illegals, for border controls plan to demonstrate economic power --Indianapolis Star

Tyson to shut plants over immigration protest Meat producer to close 9 as company expects shortages with nationwide protest --CNN

Minutemen build fence to protest illegal immigration 200 volunteers start 6-foot barbed-wire barrier along 1/4-mile stretch east of San Diego --Associated Press

Citizen-built border fence gains steam Activists solicit help from ranchers, donors, state lawmakers --WND

Iowa adjusts to flood of Hispanic immigrants 'I think a number of services will be shut down because of the lack of labor' --Reuters

From the Bosun, “I Want My Country Back”. If you would like to listen to Rick Roberts KFMB AM San Diego famous rant, I want my country back, CLICK HERE. You can also sign our ONLINE PETITION and get a sticker by CLICKING HERE.

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