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Monday, May 08, 2006

First Group of N.Korean Refugees Arrived in U.S.

The first six refugees from North Korea, under the North Korea Human Rights Act which passed in Oct. 2004, arrived on USA soil over the weekend. They came by way of unnamed Asian countries. These countries will remain unnamed to protect both the people and the countries.

Four women and two men were among the six who were granted asylum. What happens to those women who excape N. Korea? They are sometimes sold into slavery, they are bought as second wives, they are forced into prostitution, and on and on. The men are hunted.

Either way, China returns them, against the UN Human Rights they have signed. This leaves them but one destiny: the gulag. Most people die before their release. They are worked without food, they sleep without blankets, they are raped, beaten, etc. It is a grossly devastating existence.

The State Department claims there have been around 1 million deaths since the 1990's, but I have heard that number as high as 2.4 million.
N Korean, famine dead as many as 2.4m

BEIJING - Up to 2.4 million people may have died in three years of famine in North Korea to malnourished teenagers are neraly half the height they should be a United States Congress research team warned yesterday. [continue reading]
Thanks to an activist group who call themselves Liberty in North Korea, this problem, this blight, may hopefully be fully addressed someday...let's pray it's sooner rather than later.

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