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Monday, May 15, 2006

President Bush's Speech on Immigration

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When one continues to straddle the political fence as hard as President Bush does on illegal immigration, one is sure to get a case of the hives. About the only thing that President Bush said during his much awaited "Immigration Speech" that made sense was that we must get control of our borders.

I have serious reservations about President Bush's plan. It sure sounds like we will reward bad behavior. Illegals should go home and get in the back of the immigration line. The "Guest Worker program" needs a lot of work. President Bush's insistence in promoting his weak the guest worker program is bound to alienate more Americans. Watch out mid-term elections.

And, western governors think the program is a dud, too. According to Reuters: California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger indicated he was skeptical and called National Guard troops "a Band-Aid solution." New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson indicated that he too was skeptical of the plan and called it a "last-minute plan"because President Bush did not include to governors in planning or take recommendations.

Bosun's take on the National Guard: It is not a bad idea, as long as the guardsman are not changing oil and washing vehicles. Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and other Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers are stretched thin and need all the help they can get. And, there are mobile construction battalions and civil engineers to work to strengthen border barriers and electronic measures.

If, President Fox would help from his side of the border, we could get things under control. But, with corruption south of the border, it is like pissing into the wind. With "friends" like President Fox, who needs enemies.

The immigration speech unfortunately was another mixed bag of messages from the oval office. A little for everyone, but, not enough to get ones teeth into. Oh, by the way, the overlooked and much critiqued Minutemen were not mentioned. The President wants to use National Guard and still wants to ignore the Minutemen. They stand ready to help survail the border.

Sorry Mr. President, your speech sounded like a "Mexican Hat Dance."

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Publius said...

I think it was a little for everyone but when everyone get a little everyone goes away hungry. Can’t you just see the Minutemen and La Raza marching hand in hand protesting Bush’s plan?

The_Bos'un said...

Minutemen have been saying that National Guard need to be placed on the border. They will not be complaining about that. However, I heard La Raza talking about it this morning. La Raza says that the border needs to be controlled but has no idea on what to do about it. The original La Raza organization was very much anti - immigration. The New La Raza is a social engineering organization and has lost sight of the orginal right for the rights of Legal Immigrants.

Back to Bush, he is trying to appease everyone with his speech, but, may alienate the very base he needs. The mid-term elections are going to be a bitch. And, the western governors are pissed off about the speech.

The_Bos'un said...

"fight for rights"

Publius said...

I’m not sure who is happy with the speech and that is the best part. I think if you really examine the language of the speech there were some good points in there, but the problem was that those minor admissions have been overlooked because of the major points such as amnesty and blaming document fraud as the reason why businesses hire illegal immigrants and not because they want the cheap labor.

Truth-Pain said...

God, you know...I'm not a Republican, (although I COULD play one on TV),... I had so much respect for this guy. I mean say what you will but I was happy that Dubya was my president on that Bullhorn moment on the rubble in New York,... Where did he lose his sack? I know that the latino population is growing at a bunny rate and they will make up the greater volume of our populace in the next 100 years... but this just does not jive. There HAS to be a darker something or another that is afoot and we mere mortals are not privy to...
Why all the bool licking to Vicente is just beyond me..

Truth-Pain said..., i meant "boot licking" on that last diddy there.....