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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Venezuela moving up on the radar screen

A concerning development about Venezuela obtained from Breitbart: Venezuela Weighs Selling U.S. Jets to Iran

Caracas, Venezuela (AP) Venezuela is considering selling its fleet of U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets to another country, perhaps Iran, in response to a United States announced ban on arms sales to President Hugo Chavez's government, a military official said Tuesday.

Was this an excuse to sell F-16 aircraft or was it the reason why the United States suddenly announced that it was suspending arms sales to Venezuela?

General Alberto Muller, a senior adviser to Chavez, told The Associated Press he had recommended to the defense minister that Venezuela consider selling the 21 jets to another country.

Muller said he thought it was worthwhile to consider "the feasibility of a negotiation with Iran for the sale of those planes."

Even before the U.S. announced the ban on arms sales Monday, Washington had stopped selling Venezuela sensitive upgrades for the F-16 aircraft.

Chavez has previously warned he could share the U.S. jets with Cuba if Washington does not supply parts for the planes. He also has said he may look into buying fighter jets from Russia or China instead. Source Breitbart News Service: F-16 Sales.

Looks like Chavez is now moving up on the radar screen. He appears to be on tracking at a constant bearing, decreasing range. There appears to be a problem developing.

As Venezuela moves up on the target list, most Venezuela-watchers believe that Chavez is moving his country towards a command economy on the Cuban model and install a communist government. Venezuela is transforming into a radial government before our vary eyes.

Interestingly in April, Chavez ordered nationalization of foreign oil companies because, " This country does not allow itself to be blackmailed." Venezuela's Oil and Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez said, "These two multinational companies resist adjusting to our law. Our sovereignty isn't under negotiation." Talk about blackmail. Chavez is trying to blackmail the United States and hold the Western Hemisphere hostage with his energy maneuvering.

Financial Crimes Consultant and South American expert, Kenneth Rijock, claims that Ramirez is the cousin of Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, the infamous leftist militant turned terror mercenary, also known as Carlos the Jackal. Apparently, the Ramirez family is close to Chavez and his Bolivarian elite. Looks to me like Chavez Bolivarian elite is starting to look a lot like the Communist Party.

The close link between Chavez and Iran does not come at a surprise, either. In a La Nueva Cuba news article several months ago Rijock claimed of a possible Hezbollah, North Korea, Iran, and Chavez government connection. Rijock claims that Iran has plans to ship missiles to Chavez in oil tankers so as not to be suspected. Chavez may transfer them to Cuba.

Rijock indicated separately that Isla Margarita, a semi desert island just off the coast of Venezuela, is home to Venezuela's Hezbollah contingent, Lebanese -Venezuelans. Rijock believes that when foreign agents enter Isla Margarita, they sometimes take up temporary residence in Cuba.

There is a lot more to Chavez than meets the eye. Perhaps he is on a collision course with the United States.

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Truth-Pain said...

Kudos on a well written, well presented and thought-provoking blog. My angle is from a Conservative-Libertarian angle and find your themes usesful and very entertaining. I hope to host you in my blog postings as well. Cheers!

The_Bos'un said...

Dardin, Thank you for your gracious comments. I have blogged about Mr. Chavez and the growing threats south of the border for quite some time.

I will email you some additional sources and why there should be a growing concern about the state of affairs in Central and South America.

Have a great blogging day.


Truth-Pain said...

... By the way, can you calibrate me on this, Bos'un? Why in the name of Allah did we sell F-16's to Venezuela in the first place? What bonehead State Department initiative authored that!... Did they feel threatened by the Juggernaut states of Guyana, Columbia or Peru? Or was it just a bone thrown at some point to keep the spicket of oil flow coming our way?... It amazes me the stupid things we do to keep a status quo no matter how stupid the status is.
But hey, I hear Brazil to the South is putting some Hemi engines on those ol' F-104's of them so maybe the F-16's where a suitable tool for what they deemed a "clear and present danger"

The_Bos'un said...

A lot can happen south of the border, thats for sure.