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Friday, May 05, 2006

Pat Kennedy headed to rehab

Seems like yet another Kennedy may have received some "special treatment." Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy, (D-RI) came "somewhat" clean after providing initial conflicting spins in regards to his suspicious car wreck. Pat Kennedy indicated this afternoon that he was departing for Minnesota's Mayo Clinic to receive treatment for an ongoing addiction.

Earlier in the morning Pat Kennedy gave different versions of the incident. Pat said he was taking prescriptions for nausea and sleeplessness and was taking sleep-aid drug, Ambien. Pat said he was not drinking alcohol, but, others seem to think he was. After his accident, Pat was driven home by Capital Police without being given a sobriety test. How nice of the police to give him a break. Not sure if they would do it for a regular guy on the street. Maybe the Capital Police will overturn previous driving under the influence citations or have a moratorium on driving and drugging. But, I doubt that they will be so generous with the average guy.

Well, Pat "unremembered" what happened and now has no recollection (of what happened.)

After all of Pat's previous stories, did he or did he not use alcohol when taking Ambium, or pain killers, or whatever else he may have used? Good thing that Pat bailed out to rehab and got out of town. Now his press and spin masters will have time to smooth out Pat's story while he is cooling his heels at the Mayo Clinic.

Sure sounds like mainstream media is giving Pat a free pass. They are sympathetic to Pat's new found affliction. One thing for sure, the mainstream media is not bashing Pat like they did Rush Limbaugh when Rush went through his substance abuse issue. Funny how it works, if one is a liberal, democrat, or left wing representative, mainstream media is compassionate about their substance abuse (prescription, alcohol, illegal, etc).

But, if one is a conservative, republican, or red headed stepchild, forget it. Mainstream media goes for the jugular vein of those misfits.

Pat appears to be a chip of the old block with his dad, Chappaquiddick Teddy. At least Pat's accident did not cause the death of another. However Pat although almost hit a police car.

Good Luck Pat. Hope your rehabilitation is successful. Stay away from drugs and booze in the future. I wonder if the people of Rhode Island are proud of their boy.

Read about Patrick J. Kennedy's incident at WorldNetDaily: Pat Enters Rehab

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1 comment:

Rosemary said...

Before I found out he had just been at Mayo in December, I called his office to offer support of his decision. What a dunce. You'd think I would know enough to wait for the rest of the story...