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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Gas crisis for the Americas

Gas Crisis in the Americas Just got worst

Picture of Juan Evo Morales Ayma credited to Wikipedia

Wouldn't you know that Venezuela, Argentina and Bolivia seem to be forming a radical populist grouping in South America.

Juan Evo Morales Ayma, President of Bolivia, sent shock waves through the international investor scene when he nationalized natural resources in Bolivia. Actually, Venezuela started the move last month when Hugo Chávez, President of Venezuela, nationalized several of the oil fields in Venezuela. What we have is a radicalized populist group forming in South America. Source: Bolivia nationalizes gas industry

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is up to his old Bolivian socialist self, folks. You should be following his antics and those of his cronies, the "axis of good," their spoof on President Bush's term "axis of evil." The term "axis of good" is used by Hugo Chávez, to describe the Fidel Castro–Hugo Chávez–Evo Morales relationship. Chávez faces opposition from the United States government because of his alliance with other leaders and movements that share leftist populist desires to counter U.S. influence and trade agreements. Chávez's formulation is a play on the "axis of evil" phrase used by President Bush when describing governments such as those of Iraq, Iran, and North Korea in his 2002 State of the Union Address. (Source: Wikipedia)

The genie has been uncorked in the Americas. Now these guys have a cash cow that will not dry up, oil revenues. The criminalization of south and central is taking place before complacent eyes.

It is not going to get better before it gets worse. Guess who is going to be exploring and drilling for oil not far from OUR coasts?
In the Western Hemisphere China concluded oil and gas deals with Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador. But its main country of interest is Venezuela, U.S.' fourth largest oil supplier. A series of oil agreements signed in early 2005, allow Chinese companies to explore for oil and gas and set up refineries in Venezuela. Chinese state-owned oil companies have also begun seeking ambitious oil deals in Canada, the top petroleum supplier to the U.S. China’s continued penetration into the Western Hemisphere could have profound economic and political implications for the U.S. Considering the fact that both U.S.’ and Mexico’s domestic crude production are falling, the U.S. cannot afford to lose chunks of the crude produced by the two countries that together supply a third of its oil imports. (Source: IAGS)
This socialization of the Americas has been moving forward at an alarming rate. Most Americans now have discovered "piss-ant," really do have clout.

In the world of energy, our politically correct DEMOCRATIC agenda has hog tied United States energy programs. In recent years, we have not built new nuclear reactors, only closed them down. We do not allow exploring, drilling, or extracting oil in many productive areas.

Don't worry Cuba, Venezuela, and their radicalized populist group, along with China are going to be exploring just off our coasts in international waters. Of course the Democratic agenda will claim we are not getting serious about energy efficiency. They (the liberal left) will blame President Bush.

This Blogger is not giving our President a pass. His policies and his adminstration should reevaluate themselves and break ground in a better direction. The situation we are in with energy and our southern neighbors has everything to do with broken promises, partisan politics, corruption, and the fact that we Americans being way to complacent.

We are in deep kimchee and don't even realize it.

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