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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Modern Slave Trade in the Middle East

Two Christian men - one an American evangelist and the other a Pakistani missionary - have exposed a senior member of an al-Qaeda-linked group behind a trade in Christian children by going undercover and secretly filming their purchase of 20 boys, age six to 12.

According to a World Net Daily article, the missionaries while working undercover, made arrangements with a senior official in Jama'at-Ud-Da'Awah, an Islamic organization the WND claimed that the U.S. State Department has indirectly linked to al-Qaeda. Jama'at-Ud-Da'Awah has protested thos claims that they are linked indirectly to terrorism. Follow the story with this link to the World Net Daily article: Arab Slave Trade

More child exploitation and slavery....

Another child exploitation article appear last week in Christain News Service (CNS); Muslims Kidnap,Force Christian Girls to Convert. The article described a centuries old brutal trade that is taking on new dimensions. The article indicated that young Christian girls in Zanzibar are being abducted, forced to convert to Islam and, in some cases, shipped to parts of the Islamic world. Follow the link to this heartbreaking story: Kidnaped Christians

For additional information regarding Child Slavery and other human interest issues, you may what to visit Corry Stuart.Com.

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Rosemary said...

I'm glad you are joining the cause. Would you like to have access to Causes of Interest?

You can write about the causes which are closest to your heart. I have been writing about Darfur, Sudan; Africa; Asia; and Iran. Occasionally, I will write about other things, if it tickles my fancy. Let me know. Have a great day!

Bosun said...

Sign me up, Rosemary! I rant about a lot of things, and I have a sensitive and compassionate side, too.

Don't let it get around too much. When the going gets rough the rough get going.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I might link to this later. I've been thinking of doing another post regarding how America is always having its racist history pointed out; so much so, that you'd think America was the most racist country and the only one that ever had slavery. But slavery was ended in the West, and the first anti-slavery movement begun by Christians.

Bosun said...

Wordsmith, You can cross post it, take it or do whatever you need to get the word out. Go to the link at Corry, too. Ms Stuart had a lot of good information posted, too. Perhaps you and I could work on several more angles to this sad story of child exploitation and human slavery still in existance today.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Well, I finally linked to this. Not in the post that I was planning to create. But it fit nicely into my latest one.