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Sunday, May 14, 2006

China, Cuba reported in Gulf oil partnership

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"U.S. firms stand by, prohibited from bidding on contracts; lawmakers propose opening up U.S. coast for drilling." There are now plans for foreign oil companies to explore and drill for oil off the coast of Cuba. Our own United States lawmakers have blocked U.S. oil wells for some time. Now they are fuming at these developments. To make matters worst, U.S. companies were invited to bid, but, were prevented from bidding because of "No Trade" regulations in place with Cuba. For the rest of the article go to: Gulf Oil Partnership

Our liberal legislators have blocked oil exploration off the U.S. coast and in Alaska for years. We have vast oil reserves off the coasts and in Alaska that remain untapped due to environmental restrictions and concerns for wildlife. We are going wake up a third rate country in a few years, if liberals such as Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Ted and Pat Kennedy, Dick Durbin, Joe Biden, and other liberals get their way. Liberals are too busy trying to regain power and sink our President to worry about "the wolves at the door."

While we were moaning about NSA monitoring and other "important" liberal agendas, Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez was over in Europe politicking. Chavez' agenda was to drum up support for his country. Chavez promised to give poor Europeans oil. Looks like he has been making progress:

The president of Venezuela wants to provide cheap heating oil to Europeans on low incomes.

Hugo Chavez made his announcement at a gathering in Vienna of activists and representatives of social movements and non-governmental groups on Saturday evening.

Chavez worked out a similar deal to deliver discount heating oil this past winter to needy Americans in parts of the eastern United States.

"I'd like to do the same here in Europe," he said. Source: MWC News - A site Without Borders

Also the same information was found at Prensa Latina:

Vienna, May 14 (Prensa Latina) President Hugo Chavez said Venezuela will supply low-cost fuel to provide heating to the poor European communities, similar to the system in force at eight US states, through its two refineries in Germany and one at the UK.

He explained at the social forum alternative to the 4th European Union-Latin America Summit, that the oil company CITGO supplies 40 million gallons of oil to 180,000 US families plus 20 shelters at 40 percent discount.

He added that Venezuela's embassies will arrange the supply program with support from the social organizations that will ID and monitor that the supplies reach the needy. Source: Prensa Latina - Chavez: Fuel for Poor Europeans

Oil speaks louder than reason and America is going to wake up one morning being very much alone, similar to the way the Israelis feel in the Middle East. We are going to wake up being the piranhas of the west.

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